I want to show young Nigerian pharmacists searching for jobs how to be selected for the great job opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.

I recently have been recruiting for a lot of pharmaceutical companies who are seeking to employ young vibrant pharmacists. But over the years I have noticed a trait that a lot of young pharmacists have that has been denying them of great job opportunities.

The first trait is that these young pharmacist dont have value for time and regard for others. I am still amazed that someone will apply for a job, and when he is called to fix a date for the interview, he gives a date and time that he will show up which suits him or her. On that date and time, he or she does not show up and does not even bother to call.

I have had a young pharmacist call me pleading for a job. I set up an appointment with another pharmacist that agrees to employ him. On the agreed date, he does not show up and when I call him later, he has the audacity to tell me that he had another appointment but that I should setup another date for him to come in for the interview.

This is a common occurrence I have experienced a lot. unfortunately, what a lot of these young pharmacists fail to realise is that most employers use a small cluster of recruiters and once your name has been picked up as an unserious person, that information will go round and it will affect your chances of getting a great job opportunities that are out there.

I am not saying that young pharmacists should pick up any job but courtesy is one of the hallmarks of the pharmacy profession. If you have fixed an appointment with someone that you know you can not make, send at least an SMS informing the person that you will not make it. If its a job you do not like, why agree to come for an interview when you know you will not make it.

The second trait, is learning to say thank you after an interview to the person who interviewed you and to the person that referred you. A simple SMS saying Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about myself can go a long way in making undecided potential employers to make up their mind to employ you.

Better still, a thank you call works like magic and all these will cost you little to nothing.

I hope this helps a young pharmacist


I remain EMENNEIFEANYI and for serious young pharmacists looking for great job opportunities, send your CV to or via whatsapp 08023622171


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