Why You Must Work On Your VOICE If You Want To Become A Rich Nigerian

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There are some pastors I love listening too but I had also noticed that for some strange reasons that there are preachers that I just did not like listening to.

I finally realised the reason why I did not like listening to them despite the fact that they were making great points at a business training. And it is critical for you to analyse yourself because it may be the reason  why you are not achieving your dreams or the people you love feel irritated by you.

I went to listen to a business trainer but immediately he started to speak, I almost wanted to switch to the next speaker without even hearing what he had to say.

It hit me that I did not want to listen to him because of the way his voice was sounding in my ear. The sound just turned me off even before I heard what he had to say. He was well packaged but I just could not get his voice down my ears.

You need to understand that though your dressing is critical to making a great first impression, but must realise that most people will give you approximately 15 secs to draw a conclusion about the kind of person you are and if they would want to listen to you.

People make that judgement influenced by the sound of your voice. For instance, there are some doctors you will not allow to treat you just because of the way their voice sounds.

You voice can tell people if you are reliable open and worth listening to.

A study was done in which two people were given the same facts and asked to go and share it with others. People immediately rallied round the first person while no one listened to the second messenger for more than a minute despite the fact that they were sharing exactly the same message.

When you do not realise the power of your voice and its effect on people around you, you would wonder why you are saying all the right things but no one is buying from you yet another person who is not as smart as you is saying less than what you have said and people are very receptive to him and buying so much from him.

It may have a lot to do with the sound of your voice. You need to bear in mind that it is not the facts that convince people to believe you but the wy the facts are presented and a key factor in getting people to belive in what you are saying is the sound of your voice.

You need to ask people how they perceive your voice. Let them tell you honestly whether they felt like tuning your voice out or listening more to what you have to say.

The energy level in your voice is also critical too. I have listened to some speakers with very low energy start to speak and immediately felt like walking out of the room. I also have listened to speakers with very high energy and felt like they were either fake or were just to pompous.

You must avoid these two extremely. You do not want to create an impression that you carry a negative vibe that sucks energy out of a room once you start to speak neither do you want to come across as too cocky when you are speaking.

Most importantly though, do not be an imitation of your boss. I have watched junior pastors in some churches speak and I had this feeling that I was listening to the fake version or poor imitation of the main pastor. These young preacher copy the speaking style of the senior pastor but they fail to realise that people can see through their pretence.

Once you start to speak like one of your top executives, people will start to see you as trying to suck up to someone which is not a good impression to create when you are trying to build your executive confidence. You need to assess your voice just the way you speak and try to improve and not try to become another person.


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