Why Wise Nigerian Men Never Try To Understand Their Nigerian Wives


I strongly believe that why Adam never said anything when the devil showed up was that he was just too confused with the woman God had given him. He just could not comprehend her. Wise Nigerian men have also stopped trying to  understand their Nigerian wives.

Joel osteen told a joke about a California man. God visited the man one day and told him that he had been such aa wonderful person that week that he could ask God for one thing he had been wishing for for a long time. The man immediately said that he had always wanted to travel to Hawaii but that he was scared of flying. He then asked God to build him a road that would go from California to Hawaii. God immediately told him that the logistics for such a road would be enormous and may take a while to accomplish.

God then asked him if he had no other desire that he could ask for. The man then told God that he had been married and divorced four times. All the women he married were complaining that he was the problem despite the fact that he did his best to be a good husband. His request he felt was very simple. He simply asked God to help him understand women, how they thought, how they reasoned and why they did a lot of things that ddi not make sense to a rational man.

God thought for a few seconds and then asked the man if he wanted a four lane express or a three lane express on the road he requested for at first.

One of the most difficult but futile task you will undertake as a man is trying to understand your wife. I promise you that when you think you have a grasp of her is when you are actually more confused about her.

I have been married for five years and am still trying to understand my wife from the very first day I married her but just when I think I have gotten a handle on her. For instance, a few years back, I know she enjoys my boasting about her to my friend so I would always tell people that she is the reason why I survived my challenges.

I know this really made her happy until the day she was angry and accused me of telling people she was why I survived a financial crash. I could not understand it. I thought women wanted their husbands to boast about them. Anyway, I cut back on the talking only for her to accuse me that I did not love her any more.

I have decided not to try to comprehend her any more. All I need to know is that she loves me and I try to make that enough for me. A lot of men have run their marriage into a ditch just trying to understand their wives. My advise is that you quit trying. You need to quit especially when she is pregnant or when she is having a monthly menstral issues. During these two seasons, my advise is try not to understand your wife but just accept that she loves you.

All you need to ask yourself is if she loves you and if you can trust her. If you can honestly say yes to both questions, the you have enough to enjoy your family.

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