Why Rich People Avoid Small Nigerian Retail Pharmacies And Small Businesses


Have ever wondered why the high spending customers you desire rarely come into your pharmacy?  Are you wondering what to do to attract rich Nigerians into your premises? The answer among other things is because they do not trust you. They do not think you will still be smiling if they have issues with what you sold to them.

Most high spenders want and buy from people whom if they have any issue with what they bought, that they can easily get a replacement. My wife once bought a sandals for my son and daughter. That of my son did not size him and she took it back to the seller in Balogun market. The man did not have a bigger size and refused to give my wife back her money.

He asked her to come back for the money whenever he resells it. I then wondered if he expects her to still buy from him considering the fact that Christmas is around the corner.

A lot of pharmacies refuse to recollect drugs from patients even when the patient no longer needs it and bought it less than 12 hours ago. But big pharmacies do not do that. In fact I have witnessed one of the big pharmacies refund a patient for a drug he bought more than two week ago. Big spenders don’t want trouble.

They would rather spend at shops that they will get their problems sorted out when one arises rather than at a low price shop that will not treat them right when there is an issue with what they bought from them.

You are not losing good customers because your prices are too high but you are losing them because you do not handle their challenges with your services very well.

Try offering the best customer sales service. I know companies that call their customers to know if they are deriving value from what they sold to them and would readily change the product if it was not meeting the customers need. If customers can know that they can rely on you when they have issues with your goods or services

photo credit ghanahealthnest.com

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