I was reading businessday newspaper today about a supreme court of Nigeria verdict on a case between NDIC and another company. The more I tried to read the verdict, the more confused I became. I now thought to myself if I had a case and I had to read a letter written to my by another lawyer what I will do? I know that I will definitely need to pay another lawyer big time  to explain to me what was in the content of the letter even if the other lawyer was just trying to say hello.

Also, if you have ever seen the annual report of a publicly quoted company, you will understand why more than 95% of shareholders pay their stock brokers and stock analyst big despite the fact that what an annual report contains is just trying to tell you whether your company wasted your money or made some money for you. But looking at the booklet yourself, you will be more confused by the time you get to page two and would just dump the report despite the fact that the booklet is supposed to be a report your company is making to explain to you what they did with your money.

If you have ever visited a big hospital and had malaria or dry cough, by the time the doctor finishes explaining what you have to you, you will be so confused and all you would want to do is just to pay him so that he will get ride of whatever the resistant plasmodiumiasis or Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus that he said you have even if it will cost you your two months salary.

When it comes to pharmacy, unfortunately, most retail pharmacists have not come to realise that the big money is in the explanation. When a patient comes to you and tell you that he or she has cold and catarrh and you bring out cough syrup that cost N250, he will tell you that its very expensive. But when you start by telling her that catarrh is causes by viral infect usually exacerbated by the less than 5%  humidity level in the air that allows microbes to be suspended in the air and readily carried into the upper respiratory tract and causes inflammation of the trachea and bronchioles that is now manifesting as sinusitis because it has caused the inflammation of the sinus.

I promise you that such a patient will not argue with an antihistamine that will cost N1000 and an immune boosting multivitamin that will cost N2500.

My point is that the money for any profession is in that profession’s professional language. The moment a profession stops using or reduces the use of its professional language in it discussing with its customers, it starts to lose relevance.

But rich retail pharmacists have mastered this art. This is why very successful retail pharmacists make sure that its their pharmacists that attends to all their patients. Most importantly, they make sure that they employ recently licensed pharmacists because these young chaps are full of all the Pharmaceutical jargons and will dump it on a patient that has headache and that patient will buy Tylenol rather that paracetamol.

My question to you is how often do you speak the pharmacy jargon to your customer in explaining his conditions to him or do you just  go for the medications after he tells you what is wrong with him? That is the difference between becomes a rich Pharmacists and becoming a Patent medicine pharmacist.


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