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President Buhari has been travelling to a lot of countries but one country he needs to visit urgently is Greece. The reason president buhari needs to travel to Greece is simple. Greece made the same mistake that Nigeria made a few months back and it almost crushed their economy.

Warren Buffet was asked the secret to his success. He said that his secret was to study the mistakes that big companies make and avoid making those same mistakes. Nigeria is currently making some of the mistakes of Greece and President Buhari needs to urgently visit Greece to learn from them.

Here is a brief background of what happened to Greece. Greece once had a thriving economy and felt that they were so rich that they took massive loans to host the Athens Olympic a few years back. Unfortunately, Greece did not expect the economic collapse that happened a few years later in 2008. Their creditors started to ask Greece to pay for her loans and Greece had no money to pay.

Also, Greece government employed more than 60% of the working population and when they could not pay for their loans, Greece started a massive layoff. This led to a massive unemployment.

A the Government in power went to the EU central bank to borrow more money and the EU and IMF gave them some stringent conditions before giving them more money. These conditions made life so tough the people that when a new party promised to get them out of their problem and not pay their loan, the Greeks voted them into power even when from all indications there was no was the campaign promises could be fulfilled.

The New government then began to default on the loans Greece took and the creditors of Greece refused to give more money to Greece and the Greek economy crashed like Nigeria economy has just crashed.

The same Greek that voted the populist party that promised them heaven on earth now started massively to riot against the Government.

From all indication, riots in a nation usually starts from schools and as at yesterday, Uniport and Unilag have started demonstrating.

President Buhari needs to visit Greece because the Greek Government had to make some changes from their initial policies and positions that saved Greece from being kicked out pf the EURO zone.

I hope President Buhari gets to Greece before its too late and Nigeria becomes another Zimbabwe that once exchanged one USA dollar for 100000000000000000 zimbabwe dollar.

Now for individual Nigerians, I am making some videos that is designed to guide individual Nigerians on how to avoid being destroyed financially by what currently happening in Nigeria


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