Why Only Nigerians Pharmacists That Are Selfishly Keeping Their Eyes On Money Will Retain Their Jobs In 2015

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KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE MONEY. Assuming your monthly salary is $1000, do you know how much you contributed to your company in financial terms over the period that they paid you the last $1000?

It’s because of this simple lack of focus that a lot of people are shocked when they are fired. They never keep their eyes on the money to know the financial implication of their stay in the company where they are working. Because you are not keeping your eye on the money you are taking from the organization and the one that you are bringing in, does not mean that another person is not tracking the number. The tracker may or may not like what she is seeing especially when you are not in sales.

The way you may be told that you are not watching the money is with a sack letter. There is also a second aspect of keeping your eyes on the money. I was discussing with a young executive who was seeing that his company was going down yet was not making any move to get another source of income.

Most workers are usually shocked when they are told that where they have been working hard for years is bankrupt. If you must grow, your eyes must be not only on your money but on the company’s cashflow. You need to project if with the way the company is been run there is a future in it for you. Do not make the mistake of burying your head in your work, believing that if you do your job well, that your company will pay you your salary.

When you do that you would not only miss the vital signs that will tell you when to start shopping for another job actively but you will not also know when to ask for an increase. By keeping your eyes on the money, you will be able to tell your financial contribution to the company and know when to ask for an increase based on that contribution.

This is one area that most people avoid because they think its not right to be very concerned about money but my question is why do you go to work if not to make more money than you were earning before you got the job. If your reason for working is to make money, does it not make sense to be sure that the money is still there as it is been made and not been transferred to where when you need it you may not get it?

When you have your eye on the money, you will not be timid in asking for your portion when the people concerned are not making any move.

Now here is how to keep an eye on the money. Look at the performance of the sales team, study what the company is spending money on to know if they are revenue multipliers or just cash drain pipes. Look at the changes going on in the company and take note of the financial implication.

Keeping your eye on the money will help you stay ahead of the game because when asked to come and defend a point, you can make your case based on the money you have been tracking. If for instance you are told that there is no money to finance a critical aspect of your job, you can point out that if fund is taken from a money trail that you have been monitoring, that there will be funds to finance what you are asking for. For instance, why will you accept a delay in paying your salary when the boss has been on vacation with his family in an exclusive resort for months. If your eyes is on the money, you can tell that what he is spending there can take care of your salary.

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