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I can swear that Nigerian Christian that I meet in church are just visiting Nigeria from another planet. Its amazing to see the helpful spirit and attitude of Nigerian Christians while in church. Interacting with a Nigerian Christian inside the church can be such a wonderful experience.This is until you leave the gates of the church and witness the actions and inactions of the person that was so sweet and helpful in church.

I had an experience today after church service that made me realise that something has to be done about the method of communicating the messages being preached on most pulpits in Nigeria. The message in the church where I worshipped today was just too amazing. It was on how if you expect something from God, you must start to give those same kind of things to people around you.

If you need help, you need to become helpful, if you need respect, you must become very helpful to people around you. The message was so wonderful that I downloaded it from the website of the church. But I did not deceive myself that up to 5% of those listening, shaking their head, taking notes and clapping will practice what they were hearing.

I was proved right just as I drove out of the church.

As I was driving out, I noticed an unusual traffic on the road and was wondering what was causing it. I was shocked when I got to the cause of the hold up. There was a car blocking another car from moving and both of them were causing the traffic jam. Apparently, the car in front had been obstructed earlier by the car behind and the driver was now repaying him by overtaking him and blocking him.

Both of them kept at this cat and mouse game until they bashed each other. But what shocked me the most was the sticker on the bumper of the car in front. It was the sticker of the church I was just coming from. I could not believe that  someone who had just listened to a sermon that said if you do not want problems in life do not cause problem, could in less than five minute have forgotten what he sat for close to two hours to listen to.

I am amazed by what I have noticed with most Nigerian Christian and how religious they are but have little or no spiritual belief in what they confess. I think Nigerian preachers need to get off the prosperity and grace message for a while and actually move into an accountability message.

I have been witnessing the hypocrisy among us Christians and I think its time we start looking at our conducts in the mirror to judge ourselves. I usually jokingly point out the attitude of Nigerian Christian in church to my wife and tell her that there must be a locker where a Nigerian christian locks up these attitudes after every service and take it up again when he or she comes back to church by the next sunday or for the next church activity.

I was reading what a Nigerian Christian man celebrating his 70th birthday said to his family. He said that though he was a member of the Anglican communion, his Ogboni fraternity members must be the ones to bury him when he dies.

We are at a stage where each of us as Nigerian Christians are actively contributing to the decay of our country by our actions and inactions outside the church. We have such a rotten attitude outside the church that its hard for the younger generation and our children to want anything to do with the spiritual aspect of Christianity. They love the religiosity but smirk at our pretence in church because they know who we truly are outside the church and would not want to have anything to do with a religion that encourages such attitudes.

Lets not deceive ourselves the society is already paying us back with crimes and atrocities happening to us and around us because we have knowingly without admitting it locked up God and his laws in the lockers in our church but still expect God’s miracle to work for us after sunday.

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