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Statistically, it has been proven that married men are more successful that their single mates born in the same generation. This will sound absurd but I can prove that this is true based on my experience with my wife today.

For weeks my wife had been asking me to cut my hair and for weeks, I kept postponing going to the barber shop. Well as a married man, I knew when my time was up because my wife said to me this evening that I should not come back to the house unless I cut my hair.

I decided  to obey her and went to the barber shop. The barber took my clipper and started to cut my hair but as he was doing it, some dust was also coming out of my hair. By the time he had scrapped away the major hair covering my head, I discovered that I had also acquired some head load of dandruff that came in my bid to have Wole Soyinka like look.

But most importantly, when I looked at myself in the mirror after the hair cut, it dawned on me that my new set of clients were corporate organisations and that I had been looking out of place to them by walking around their office with a forest on my head.

I would not have known all these if my wife had not insisted I went for a hair cut. Also earlier in the day, I wanted to attend a program at prof. Pat Utomi office where the US consulate general was to address us. I wore my jean and T-shirt but my wife took a look at me and said I should better go and change that dress.

After grumbling that it was a Saturday, I changed into another set of dress. It was when I got to the event that I realised how out of place I would have looked if I had gone with the dress I wanted to wear initially.

My point is that most married men have this gift in their wife who can spot the things we men miss easily while single men do not have this privilege. unfortunately, most married men have killed these gift and skill in their wives by feeling threatened when ever their wives point out something wrong with them.

Men need to realise that there are things that we can never see no matter how hard we look but our wives can sense them and its that second mostly unsolicited input that is making married men more successful than their single colleagues.

Like I said, this only applies to married men who have come to appreciate the intuitive power of their wives and are taking full advantages of it. For me, I am a very poor dresser. I can look at a shirt and my mind will straighten out the rumpled parts. I will immediately wear the shirt but that is until I walk to the door. My wife only needs to look at me for me to tell myself that the shirt look a bit rumpled and then admit that the shirt is really rumpled.

My point is not that all men should go and get married but that we all must defend the institution of marriage. For some reasons now, there has been a massive attack on the institution of marriage. It is now a bit odd for a married couple to stay together for more than 2 years in the US.

Ask yourself why more women are fighting men for different roles. part of the reason is that men have stopped taking these intuitive advise from their wives that had been driving their success. And since no one wants to stay in a place where their suggestions could have brought progress, women are now breaking out to show that they can do these things on their own.

The dangerous part is that because these women are breaking out as single mothers, they are raising sons who are becoming weak men that women can not depend on to support them or make big tough decisions when they marry them.

I strongly think that we all need to come out to support our individual family structures



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