Something scared me about King Solomon in the bible. When Solomon became very rich, he suddenly forgot the key reason why he became very rich and started to violate those very reasons that made him rich. I could not believe that someone could forget what made him or her very rich until I looked at a lot of people who used to be very successful and I realised that a lot of them lost their wealth because they suddenly forgot the principles or factors that made them wealthy and started going directly against those same principles that made them .

I then made a resolve. I promised myself that I will never forget what made me successful because it was crystal clear to me and my wife what made me successful. My success came when I heard a voice from different directions all telling me to go and help people run a better business. When I refused to obey that voice my business crashed but immediately I started to obey that voice and started to teach people principles of business which I still cannot comprehend how I grasp complex issues and make them simple, my finances started to skyrocketed.

For me I am very sure that God’s directive was the key reason for my breakthrough but I do not decisive myself that I am wiser than Solomon. So, I promised myself that I will never wear a suit again so that when someone or a reason comes up for me to wear a suit, It will remind me of where my wealth came from. Because I work in an industry where most people wear suit, I am very sure that I will constantly be reminded of my reason for becoming wealthy.

If you desire to become very confident and you start to get the confidence, you must not assume that you will always be aware of what gave you your confidence. I will strongly suggest you set a system (maybe not as drastic as my own) that will constantly remind you of where your strength came from and so that you will know things that you must never toy with.

Samson’s strength came from his hair and when he toyed with the source of his strength by allowing a woman with a razorblade play with his hair, he instantly lost all his strength.

Protect the source of your confidence when it starts to flow by having a system that keeps you constantly aware of the source. In the airline industry, no matter the number of years a pilot might have flown an airplane, he must every time he wants to fly go through all the check lists of pre-flight instructions one by one. It does not matter that he knows it at the back of his head. The people in the aviation industry do not trust pilot’s memory so. They have put in place a system where by a pilot is forced to remember the things that makes him able to fly a super jumbo jet.

If we are doing it just to fly a simple machine like an aircraft, then it tell us how critical it is to have a system in place that reminds us of what made us successful or confident so that we do not forget putting them in practice and think that we are practicing them.

The system has to be such that it reminds you of what made you successful whether you like it or not. For me, almost every week, a need to wear suit will come up and I have to remind myself that I cannot wear a suit because God is the source of my inspiration.

Even God asked the Israelite to write the law on their door post and across their forehead and on their robes so that they will not forget where their help came from

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