Why I Am Taking Pharmacist Council Of Nigeria To Court


This may come as a shock to those of you who read my article yesterday about the change in Lagos pharmacy practice but from what I saw happen at P.I.C meeting today I have decided to take Pharmacist council of Nigeria to court.

Where I come from, there are certain things that when they occur, people will ask if there was no elder in the community? I witnessed at P.I.C today what I never thought would be allowed to happen to a pharmacist by other pharmacists simply because they feel power is on their side and that PCN is the place of last resort. Apparently there are no elders in P.I.C.

what I witnessed and recorded today was so horrible that the P.I.C members had to seize my phone and forced my to sign an undertaking not to reveal the content of the recording to anyone.

I thought when I was invited to the PIC meeting that I was going for a reconciliation meeting. It never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that I was walking into a trap.

That trap was so wonderfully set that I did not even have any inkling that I had walked into it until the door was shut.

However, the P.I.C in Lagos apparently do not understand how far I am ready to go to ensure that all pharmacists are treated equal in Lagos state irrespective of where you come from.

Nobody has the right to deny me or any other pharmacist of my rights when I have met all the legal requirements set out by the pharmacist council of Nigeria registration laws. I am not asking for privileges but my rights should not be put as a privilege to me.

Punish me if I break a law but don’t try to use punishment to intimidate me just because you want me to keep quiet. I have resolved never to appear before the P.I.C again because from what I saw happen there today, there can’t be justice for an igbo pharmacist in Lagos with the way PIC is currently constituted.

I will email what happened to the Registrar first and by Friday next week you will hear about this is court.

I will share the full details of what happened later after getting the official response of PCN to my mail to the registrar.

To contact this very disappointed Pharmacist call 08023622171

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