Do you want to Know why Some Nigerian pharmacists are rich while other Nigerian pharmacists are poor?

Here is why some Nigerian pharmacists are rich while others are poor. The answer is very simple. One set of Nigerian pharmacists are poor because they think like arsenal football club while the other set of Nigerian pharmacists are rich because they think like Barcelona fc.

If you see those Nigerian pharmacists that are poor, you will notice like arsenal football club that they blame every other person but themselves for their poverty. While if you see those Nigerian pharmacists that are rich, even when they are down just like Barcelona was down in the first like 4-0 against PSG, they take full responsibility for the results that they have gotten.

Nigerian pharmacists that are poor rarely have the courage to fire their weakest links like their staff or even themselves just like Arsenal management has lacked the confidence to fire an under performing manager for over 8 years. But Nigerian pharmacists that are rich just like Barcelona FC are ready and will immediately fire a once successful staff whose productivity has dropped. Barcelona has shown this capability readily with a lot of their once successful coaches.

Some Nigerian pharmacists are poor because they will immediately and readily settle for mediocrity once faced with a challenge they perceive to be beyond them just like Arsenal has been doing over the past 8 years by never going beyond a certain level once they encounter a perceived better team. However, other Nigerian pharmacists are rich because like Barcelona, they will never settle for mediocrity. They work on their mindset never to accept mediocrity no matter the odds against them.

Some Nigerian pharmacists are rich because they are willing to look beyond their present challenges and see the great future ahead of them. They confidently step up to take the penalty shot of life when others shy away to avoid the embarrassment of missing the penalty.

Now, take out time to study yourself and if you do not have a solid plan backed up with a clear goal, then  you will never be one of the Nigerian pharmacists that are rich.

And if you do not stop blaming others and situations for where you are, you can never become a rich Nigerian pharmacist.

The choice is up to you. Either learn and be like arsenal and live as a perpetual underachiever or learn from and be like Barcelona and be a perpetual over achiever

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