I have just finished my meeting with the south eastern reps of Hovid Nigeria and decided to go round the town to see how pharmacy practice was in Enugu and was shocked by what I saw.

The pharmacies in Enugu seem to been operating with the 1990s standard. I was shocked at how archaic most of them looked. With some I was baffled by the lack of change in them for the past ten years.

I did my internship in Enugu about eleven years ago but most of the pharmacies I saw in Enugu yesterday had not changed even the tables they had ten years ago. There is one Cinemec pharmacy on ogui road. In 2002, it was one of the top pharmacies in Enugu.

When I saw it yesterday, it looked exacted like it was eleven years ago despite the great development and change happening around it. The others were just like it. The furniture considered as old school in Lagos has not even gotten to common use in Enugu.

Some young and new pharmacies are coming up but most of them compared to what you find in Some parts of Lagos Abuja are still in the pharmaceutically less developed states.

I strongly want to caution the young pharmacists opening up retail operations in Enugu to pick a pharmacy outside enugu and use it as a yard stick. They most conduct quarterly comparisdms esle they will also pick up the poor development habits of their older colleagues. God help Enugu retail pharmacies and good bye to Enugu. I had a great time with the Hovid reps there.

My heart goes out to the pharmacist at Akachukwu pharmacy whom when I asked why his premises was locked, I was told he was assassinated a few weeks ago. I strongly suggest that ACPN include the issue of security in their conference that is starting this week in Ilorin.



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