I had gone to the bank to do some transaction and as I waited outside, I saw some little ants moving a massive insect up the wall of the building. I saw the extra effort they were putting to get the food supply to their warehouse and I knew that those set of ants were wise and rich and I realised also why King Solomon asked us to study the ant

But I want to share from the ants some unique features I have noticed about some rich Nigerian pharmacists.

A certain group of pharmacist have been found to be very rich. A simple study showed that they operate with a principle that drives customers into their premises. These are the two miles pharmacists and they got their secret to success from a Law passed by Julius Caesar in Ancient Roman empire.

During the Roman era, a Roman soldier was empowered to order anyone he met on the way to carry his armoury for at least one mile. But a certain group of people would always carry the load for two miles despite the fact that the law said one mile. This usually will make the soldier to befriend his helper and the Roman soldier would  want to know why his load bearer was so good and the load bearer will tell him about his religion.

In business, there is no way your business will fail if you offer extra ordinary after sales services. Most pharmacists miss it by just selling their products to the customer, collect his money and start to attend to the next patient. But the Two Miles pharmacists do not run that way.

The two mile pharmacists will also tell the patient other foods that can aid his recovery. For instance, he will tell someone with cough to also take some bitter cola mixed with honey, he will collect the patients number and call her the next day to make sure that the drugs he sold to her worked and if they did not, he will invite her back to clerk her and sell another set of additives to help make the initial drug work better or even sell another set of drugs altogether.

The two miles pharmacists are never out of stock on any product. If they do not have a particular product on their shelf, they will ask the customer to wait, dash of to the nearest pharmacy around, buy the product there remove the price tag, go back to their premises and resell to the customer. To the customer, he just went to his warehouse to pick up that product.

The two miles pharmacists when they do not have a product will collect the phone number of the patient, call their supplier to get the product, then call the patient to tell him that the product is now in stock.

The two miles pharmacists find out the special days of their clients like their birthday and  attend or at least sends a staff to wish them well on that day. The two miles pharmacists take out time to know the names of the family members of their customers and always ask after them by name.

The two miles pharmacists go the extra mile for their customer. If they see a unique case they do not understand, they will ask the patient to come back, they will intensively research the subject, then call the patient to counsel them appropriately. The two miles pharmacists know the best hospitals where their patients can get better treatment and will visit them when they are admitted.

The Two miles pharmacists are those pharmacists who have converted their customers to family and family members will always buy from you.

This is why the TWO MILES PHARMACISTS will always be very rich. Very few Nigerian pharmacists are willing to commit to going the extra mile and that is why we have few very rich Nigerian pharmacists.

But anyone can become very rich simply by going the extra mile for their customer.


  • April 14, 2014 at 6:01 am

    I Strongly agree! That is why the paradigm shift from product to patient orientation must be embraced by all community pharmacists….splendid insight !

  • March 26, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    The training is so much on the product!lets tilt to the Money spinning angle….service industry…..it’s humans who buy the products and services…let’s serve them so they can come back again and again…..if your service is good….weldone this is great insight!

  • March 26, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    interesting n insighting.

  • March 26, 2014 at 9:47 am

    So true. Nigerian pharmacists see the profession as a product industry rather than a service industry. Eg hotel industry. It is all about your customer service.


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