For sometime now, I have been deliberately studying some very rich Nigerians to find out what is behind their wealth creation. I discovered some unique features which is common among Rich Nigerians but rare among most Nigerian pharmacists.

1. THEY HAVE A SET OF GOALS THAT THEY ARE WORKING TO ACHIEVE – I have personally noticed that any day I fail to write my goals for the day down, that day will almost be a waste for me. But on the days I write them down, I will have this urgent desire to try to do all of them thereby making me achieve more. Apart from the few very rich pharmacists, I am yet to meet a pharmacist especially those in community practice who works with a written goal for the year, week or day. If you do not have written goals, you will be poor.

2. THEY ARE CLEAR ON THINGS THEY WILL NOT DO – It is funny to see all retail pharmacists jumping into importation, getting burnt and going back to retail to lick their wounds. Rich Nigerians have come to realise that your success in life DEPENDS MORE ON THE OPPORTUNITIES YOU REFUSE TO TAKE THAN ON THE OPPORTUNITIES YOU TAKE. This is why you will come to a rich man with a great opportunity and he will tell you that he is not interested. Opportunities are the mother of distraction and distraction will keep you poor. Analyse all the opportunities before you, pickup one or two and leave the rest to others. Do not own a shop, be making supplies to hospital, registering your own products, teaching part time and expect to be rich

3. VERY ACTIVE IN REAL LIFE BUT LIE LOW ONLINE – This is the funniest part of the poverty habit of Nigerian pharmacists. I was at the last PSN selection that they called election and no pharmacist was bold enough to challenge the charade called election. But on Facebook or any social media, just mention that pharmacists are too timid to succeed and within ten minutes, you will get 100 responses attacking you. Ask those attackers to come to an open debate in real life and they will all disappear. The rich Nigerians I have met are very active offline. They are bold, they speak their mind, they are not afraid to walk into any office. They meet real people who create space to make money for them.

4. THEY ATTEND CONFERENCES – In the past two months, I have attended more than five training, I have met more that three CEO of Publicly quoted companies, I have gotten a job from a big online service provider, the MD of Diamond bank will be getting my mail next week on an issue we discussed when he spoke at a conference last week.

Somehow Nigerian pharmacists have not realised that you need to attend conferences to develop. Most of them are in BUSYNESS thinking they are in BUSINESS. What I find confusing is that as a bonus, I share with my clients the dates and venue for the free conferences but their staff will not attend yet they will pay me thousands of naira to come and tell those same staff what they could have learnt for free.

5. THEY INVEST IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – The rich read. They spend money on books especially audio training. In fact CNN has discovered that reading is a key success factor for most rich CEO, so they have a program anchored by Richard Quest to ask CEO the book they are reading. The idea is to use it to guide other upcoming CEOs on what to read. Personally, in the last sixty days, I have spent about 20k on books, CD and audio training. I just bought the one I used its picture for this post yesterday and I was shocked by listening to just one of the speakers, the harm not having a particular habit was causing me financially.

6.THEY INTERACT WITH THEIR CUSTOMER BASE – A sales rep of a company was shocked when his MD called him to tell him that their products were not in certain places in his territory. The MD asked the rep to come and meet him there. The rich take time to interact with their customers to notice the current trend.

Unfortunately, when a Nigerian pharmacist starts to do well, He begins to feel like the world should bow to him. With time his customers bow to him. It is just that they bow away from him. Pride is a key issue that have locked Nigerian pharmacists into poverty.






  • March 26, 2014 at 7:18 pm

    Thanks for sharing this info, but i noticed you forgot to mention the books that the CEO’s mentioned and the ones you bought too, i will like to read them too. Thanks for your genuine effort. I will also want to you to inform me about valuable conferences and training.


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