President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan seems to be tied in the pre election polls so far released and some like the one by AIT are saying that Mohammadu Buhari will win the election. But lets just assume that president Goodluck Jonathan loses the election, what or who should be blamed for the lose (if it happens) of the presidency by President Goodluck Jonathan.

I think the bulk of the blame should go to the president’s election management team. For some strange reasons they seem to have no idea about what it takes to run or manage an election. Here are some of the reasons I think he should fire his campaign managers

1. THEY CAN NOT PINPOINT THE GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE PRESIDENT FOR NIGERIANS TO SEE – Up until today, my question to anyone campaigning for President Goodluck Jonathan has been to tell me what the president has achieved so far. It took an article by Mazi Ohuabunwa on businessday newspaper to really pinpoint the great achievements of the president. These are some of his points 1. We have had just one fuel scarcity under Jonathan unlike the normal occurrence under every other administration 2. With the crash of the price of oil, the price of food stuff in Nigerian markets have remains stable 3. Inflation under Jonathan has remained under single digit for a long time 4. The railways are truly working with enough evidence on ground that they are working 4. Performance at WAEC and NECO  has improved greatly under Jonathan because of better funding of education 5. Until Jonathan took over, travelling to the east from Lagos was a nightmare but now you can hit Onitsha from Lagos in Five to six hours. 6. The economy is improving because Nigerian manufacturers have employed the highest number of Nigerians under president Goodluck Jonathan

Read up the rest on Business day newspaper

2. THEY LEFT THE ACHIEVEMENTS AND ARE SLINGING MUD – What Jonathan team is doing with their kind of campaign of calumny is more like Barcelona FC fighting Enyimba FC because they think Enyimba FC can defeat them. Who ever advised them on election strategy must be smoking something that has been banned or is on the payroll of APC. This is because their strategy is just to dumb and plain foolish. How come it takes Mazi Ohuabunwa to clearly point out what Jonathan has achieved. Strangely, when someone raises a point that should be discussed openly, President Goodluck Jonathan team will immediately start to sling mud and abuse the person. Look at Charles Soludo comment. While Femi Fani Kayode is abusing him and Okonjo Iweala is pouring fuel, it took Prof Pat Utomi who is a member of APC to point out the mistakes in Soludo’s analysis

3. THEY IGNORE SIGNS AND WARNING EVEN WHEN ITS PAINTED ACROSS THE SKY – The first warning sign that president Goodluck Jonathan was blared months before APC selected Mohammadu Buhari. When APC started to plan for the election, they engaged an election management team called AKPD MEDIA. Any presidential candidate ought to have been worried when they hear that their opponent got AKPD MEDIA on their side. For those who don’t know, AKPD MEDIA was the team that managed President Barack Obama first election campaign. But President Goodluck Jonathan team ignored this warning boom from APC. I could not believe that President Goodluck Jonathan team never realised the implication of this and never brought it into the equation in their planning. Today, the presence and impact of AKPD MEDIA is been felt in a massive way against President Goodluck Jonathan. Strangely, his campaign team seem oblivious of this. The funny part is the David Plouf who managed the election during Obama’s campaign outlined their operating strategy in his book titled AUDACITY TO WIN.   I guess nobody on President Goodluck team bothered to read the book

4. THEY FAILED TO LEARN FROM OBASANJO RE ELECTION STRATEGY –  By the time Obasanjo was coming for his second term, there was such a major rift between him and his vice Atiku but Obasanjo was a tactician. He swallowed his pride and gave Atiku some free hand knowing that Atiku had the clout to scuttle the election for him. He did not get into an open fight with Atiku. He fired his foul mouthed spokes persons and with that Atiku allowed him to win the election. It was after winning that he went after Atiku and destroyed him. There was no reason for President Goodluck Jonathan team to have gone after Rotimi Amechi when they did, knowing his antecedents. President Goodluck Jonathan team seem to have lost the importance of this lesson. They have not won the election and yet they are insulting people who have the power to scuttle the election for them.

They are making utterances that are driving people to offer sympathy votes to GMB. There are people who knowing their antecence  should never have been close to Aso rock not to talk of being part of President Goodluck Jonathan campaign team.

I think its high time president Goodluck Jonathan reshuffled his campaign team before they cost him the election. If not for the article by Mazi, I would still remain part of those asking what has the president done.

But a major realisation also hit me. Nigerians don’t hate President Goodluck Jonathan but we have the wolves called people around him. He somehow allowed himself to be surrounded by some people Nigerians hate and placed them in highly visible positions and this is not just rubbing off on him but is drenching him badly in a poor light.

I will like to know what you think about President Goodluck Jonathan campaign team


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