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I have attended a lot of management meetings of some companies and one of their major problem is how to build a sales team that can help them increase their sales and increase their income.
I have studied the problem and found out that it has to do a lot with how sales managers manage their team and relate with them. The productivity of almost any sales team can be increased if the manager knows what to do. For those who want to build a successful sales team, these are some of the things they must do to help them build a winning team.
1.  CLARIFY YOUR OBJECTIVE AND STICK TO IT – Your people must be clear about what you want to achieve with them. You must be able to state to them in two sentences what you want to achieve and ensure that your people understand it in clear terms. If your goal is to make N30 million within the first quarter, tell your people that the objective for the quarter is 30 million. Do not tell them that you want them to increase their sales or that you want them to work hard at helping to grow the company. You must do what Habbakuk recommended. Write your vision for them and make it plain so that when they read it, they can run with it.
2. STATE YOUR RULES OF ENGAGEMENT – It must be clear to your people what you will tolerate and what you will never tolerate. It must be clear to your people what they will get for doing something and what they will be denied for not doing something. Every member of the team must understand what it will cost them personally if they do not follow the laid down rules and what it will benefit them when they do. For instance, the policy of a company can be if you meet your target you get your full salary but if you miss it you get 70%

3. Say what you mean STICK TO IT – Sales team are like children. A child will always want to test the boundary of the rules the parents set to know if they can get away with violating the rules. Most sales rep will consciously or unconsciously violate some of the rules that you set and once they see that you did not do anything about it, they will rarely obey any instruction you give them.

4. WORK WITH THEM IN THE FIELD – Do not expect good result from a job you do not inspect personally by yourself. You must go with your people to see what they are doing and help them build their confidence on the job. A lot of managers submerge themselves in paper work and still expect their team to perform every well. There is something I tell every manager which from experience I have come to discover is very true. A customer will always place a larger order when a rep comes with his or her Manager. The more you make sales call with your team members the higher their productivity will become.

5. Pay them well and push them hard –

6. CARE FOR THEM BEYOND THE JOB – I have discovered that the best sales team come from those managed by someone who cares for his team members beyond the job. They know their team members families by name. They help the spouse of their team members get better jobs, they attend the birthday party of their team members. They visit their team members or call their team members to come over to their place with their family on week ends. When you take good care of your people, your people will take great care of your business.


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