What is your ROI this year? Have you ever taken time to calculate your ROI ever in your life. If you have never done that, you have no reason to complain if life has been difficult for you. After spending so much years in school investing your time and money to become knowledgeable and intelligent, what have you really done with the intelligence you got from going to school? Looking back at the number of years you have lived so far, what have you done with the intelligence life and experience have given you. what is your ROI?

In the business world, when good business people put in some resources into a project, they always try to calculate their ROI. i.e the return on what they have invested in that business or that project after a while. They do this on at least a yearly basis so as to know if their investment is yielding enough returns for them, considering the alternative cost i.e the other area in which they can invest the money and get a definite amount of ROI.

The minimum acceptable returns a good business man will accept is a return that is above the interest rate that bonds of the Federal Government can give to him. This means that if as a business man you have 100,000 naira, then any business you invest that money in must give you an ROI of at least 10% which is the interest you can get from investing that money in a government treasury bill.

When it comes to your intelligence, you must set a minimum returns that the knowledge you have must yield to you and you must know that amount. If for example you stopped at primary school and a person who did not go to school is making 10,000 per month using the intelligence he has, the minimum acceptable returns from your intelligence must be 10,000.

If your class mates and graduates you earning 100,000 then you must ensure that your ROI must always exceed 100,000.

But the point is how can you ensure that you are getting good returns on your intelligence and its simply by constantly measuring your achievement in life based on the level of intelligence you have and judging the alternative cost of that intelligence meaning the other places you can deploy that intelligence and get a guaranteed return. For instance, a pharmacist is guaranteed a minimum of 100,000 per month based on the fact that he is a licensed pharmacist and this means that no pharmacist ought to earn less than N100,000 per month.

Like I said, only good business people measure their ROI to know when to pull out their money from an investment that is not giving them a return equivalent to the interest of FGN bonds.

Jesus invested his intelligence in Palestine for just 3 years and his ROI is over 3 billion people who are today called Christians. After investing your intelligence in your job or in what you currently are doing, sit down and ask yourself if the return is worth it.

If the ROI you are currently getting is not worth it, do what all good business people do when they are not satisfied with the Returns they are getting from an investment. They start to actively search for an alternative investment to put their money money. You too need to know if the roi you are getting from your intelligence is not adequate enough and start to actively look fro a better alternative place to invest your intelligence

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