What Does This Strange Dream Mean? Pastor Poju Oyemade Asking Me To Tithe For 5 Months


I don’t dream a lot and I rarely remember my dreams because I do not take dreams seriously. I believe that when God wants to talk to me, he would give me  wisdom, inspiration and get people to talk to me but last night, I had a funny dream that for some strange reasons, did not vanish like others when I woke up.

I dreamt that I was in a corner of the church of Pastor Poju Oyemade of Covenant Christian Centre, he walked into the room and walked out smiling. When he came back, I was alone in the room and he smiled and started to talk to me. Then he asked me to tithe very well for the next five months and give generously too during the next five months.

Normally, I would have dismissed the dream but for some strange reason, I am feeling funny about it. I am not a member of his church although I sometimes go to his church to listen to his talks but why would someone I am not close to suddenly start to ask me to start tithing consistently for the next five months?

What is unique about five month? Counting from this month, the fifth month is December and what is special about it?

Also, I have never given to the work of God as much as I have done this year. In fact I have given and pledged more than a million naira to the work of God this year. However, I have to admit that I have suddenly slowed down in my giving and tithing over the last two months.

Anyway, the main reason why I am giving this dream so serious thought is that sometime last year, I was in a FGBMFI prayer summit and 20 people were asked to come out and pledge 250,000 naira. I forced myself to join and within three weeks out of the blues, I got a consultancy job that paid me N650,000.00

Funny too, today, I got a simple but strange inspiration for an APP that when I discussed the idea with my wife, she wanted to start using the app immediately because it is something that can help increase the chances of your achieving your new year resolution or any other goal by more than 70%.

My question is, is this  dream and the inspired idea just coincidence or God at work?

So, if you are a Joseph like person who can interpret dreams, kindly let me know why Pastor Poju Oyemade will come to my dream just to tell me to start Tithing and giving more often when I have never given and tithed as much as I have done this year before?

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