What Are Nigerian Hospital Pharmacists Doing About Internship For Young Pharmacists?

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A lot of young pharmacists have been looking for places to do their internship training. Because of the recent increase in the number of pharmacy schools in Nigeria and the urgent need for more fully registered pharmacists in Nigeria, it has become important that more pharmacy premises be registered by PCN.

But my question is what can Hospital pharmacists do about this? How can they help to create avenues for more qualified pharmacists to be readily available at all times for employment.

The answer is very simple. A lot of pharmacists are now working in big hospitals and retail chains that have more than 2 registered pharmacists on their payroll. The key PCN requirement for registering a place for internship is having at least two registered pharmacists on duty. If these pharmacists working in such hospitals write to the PCN registrar, the registrar can contact their organisations and start the processes of Internship approval.

A lot of private universities now have teaching hospitals. The Registrar of PCN needs to pay their CMD an official visit and use that means to appeal to the CMD to apply for approval for internship.

I also think the registrar has to look it the bureaucratic bottleneck of approving a place internship. I was talking with the Managing Director of Healthplus Pharmacy, Pharm Bukky George and I was shocked when she told me that PCN refused to approve her organisation for internship. This is an establishment that has over 30 registered pharmacy premises all over Nigeria, has one of the best training systems for pharmacists on her employment in the industry and yet is denied approval for internship.

I think the registrar needs to look into the pharmacy chains in Nigeria or the very big pharmacy premises and ask them to apply for internship approval. A pharmacy as big as Alpha, Medplus e.t.c need to be approved. I know a lot of pharmacists who missed their youth service because they could not get a place for internship

Finally I am aware that more places are been approved. So if you are a pharmacist working in an institution that was recently approved for internship, kindly send me the name of your organisation at richnigerianmentor@gmail.com or stratg4consult@gmail.com so that I can include it on the list we have on this website for approved internship locations


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