WAFBEC 2015 has been a major point of contact with God in understanding how he works. Today at WAFBEC, God opened my eye to a principle of wealth that left me dumbfounded. God once in a while will reveal a principle that can transform the life of anyone that grasps it. For me, today God revealed the secret to massive wealth that is so simple but awesome once you comprehend it and This secret has been there in the book of Genesis for generations that I wonder how I could have missed it for this long.

In the book of Genesis, God created everything in the world in six days and in sequence. This meant that what was created in day one was to key into what was created in day two while what was created in day 2 was to learn and start with what was created on day 3.

Man was created on day six and was supposed to learn and do what he saw God do the next day after his creation and it was what he saw God do after he was created that was to be the programming for man and when man went to see God at work the next day, He saw God resting and the first programing that went into man after he was created was resting. Man was programmed by God to work from a place of rest.

As long as man was in a state of rest i.e man’s work was to be like rest to him because that was the programming that was wired into him by the first thing he saw his creator do. Man could do anything without stress and produce amazing result effortlessly.

When man sinned, God spoke to him and God put a new principle that radically changed the life of man. God told man that because of his disobedience, he will now need to toil and sweat to feed himself.
Sweating to getting anything was never part of God’s agenda for man until the fall of man.

God hates sweating so much that he told Moses that the clothes of the chief priests must be made in such a way that the High priest does not sweat when ministering at the alter.

This means that success flows from the programming in an area where you do something effortlessly. Rest in about effortlessness. If you seat and toil in any area or in whatever you are doing currently, your massive wealth is not that field that you are currently operating from or in that thing that you are currently doing.

If you are a pharmacist by training but what you do effortlessly is cooking, then your success is in cooking because that is where your rest is and other area will require a lot of sweating and toiling for you to succeed in them including pharmacy practice. We have a lot of poor pharmacists because they are not programmed to practice the profession effortlessly. But those that find rest in pharmacy do it so effortlessly that most times they do not notice the passage of time or that they have not eaten anything

Resting in what you do is different from enjoying what you do. You might be enjoying something but it will be taking you so much energy to achieve result in that area but in your area of rest, you come in and do effortlessly what others are finding difficult or perplexed in. My wife finds her rest in Montessori teaching. She can take a little boy that no body can make learn anything and in two weeks, that child will be shining among others. It gives her rest because she does it effortlessly. As a Montessori student, she was giving advanced training to senior Montessori teachers. In fact, she is called Maria Montessori in her school.

Very few footballers make it into the very top paying category and its those that find rest there like Messi and Ronaldo. From your area of rest, what you do effortlessly, other will see as magic. If you don’t have rest in an area, there is certain level you can never cross.

But this is where most people miss it. Because they see better income in other areas, they leave their area of rest and move into those other areas where though they may be making more money, they make it with toiling and sweating
But this is what they missed and what I too have been missing.

Rest has different levels. A man resting might be tossing and turning in bed but at a deeper level of rest, he will be breathing gently and at a much deeper level, he will be snoring and at a very deep level, he will be snoring and so relaxed that he will not notice even if the house is on fire.

Most of us start in the tossing and turning rest where we start with something that we do effortlessly but we stop here and this is where most people get frustrated. Very few people rarely try to move to the next level of rest. You move to the next level of rest by getting more training and mentoring in how to get better rest in that area that gives you rest.

Lets use a young lady that is good at helping relieve people of their pain effortlessly. That is the first level of rest. The next level of deeper rest is for her to study medicine to more effortlessly give relieve to pain. The next level of rest is to study to become a consultant so as to be very good at giving people relieve in a specific are of pain, the next level is to attend advanced programs and trainings to effortlessly relieve people of extreme pain, the next level is to understand how to manage the finances that causes people pain.

She will get to the level of developing gadgets and medicine that will aid her in offering greater, faster and better relieve of pain to people.

What this young girl will discover is that the more she develops herself to offer better relieve to higher degree of pain, the higher her income will be growing. The income will after a stage start to grow faster than her rest level that she will be effortlessly doing what she is doing and money will be pouring.

The great part about working from your area of rest is that you will never feel like retiring. That is why you find billions like Warren Buffet still working because they are doing what gives them rest. The moment they stop working in that area of rest, they move into toiling in another area even if they have enough money.

This is why most people miss becoming extremely wealthy.

1. Because they do something effortlessly, they feel that its not so valuable

2. Because they stay at a particular level of rest, and their expenses keep growing, they move into area of toiling to make them generate more income.

3. They want a sudden sharp rise in income from what is giving them rest without realising that you grow in rest.

4. They have come to believe that Hard work is the secret to wealth, without realising that the only area they need to work hard at is at what ever will give them more rest in what they are doing such that they do it much more effortlessly at a more advanced level


WAFBEC 2015.


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