We currently have some urgent sales job vacancies to fill for two of our clients in Lagos. If you are interested in working as a sales rep and you meet the following requirements, then send your CV to corporatekanselor@gmail.com with title SALES REP JOB.

Interested candidates for these urgent sales jobs must be graduates of either a university or a polytechnic. Applicant must be able to drive very well and understand the roads and territories of Lagos state.

These urgent sales job vacancy applicants must

  • understand what marketing is all about
  • must be very motivated and
  • must have had some prior marketing experience.

Please work in your confidence before applying and coming for the interview

We highly recommend a training programs on how to improve confidence at interviews by KANSELOR UNIVERSITY Titled CONFIDENCE DEVELOPMENT FOR YOUNG EXECUTIVES

You can take the online course to help you perform well at the interview


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