Everyday, I am being bombarded with calls from Pharmaceutical company owners who are looking to employ a pharmacist as a superintendent pharmacist/Locum pharmacist or someone who has a biological science background. In fact Dec 2014 was a busy month for me because a lot of retail pharmacy owners were calling me to get a pharmacist that can cover for them while they were away for the holidays.

Also, a lot of young Nigerian pharmacists have been sending their  to me, looking for jobs especially where they can serve as Locum pharmacists during their internship or youth service.

I have decided to provide a forum on this site for those who want to fill a position to post their vacancies and those who want to get a job to post their CVs for pharmacy related positions on this site.

I think we need to make it easy for Pharmacy Job seekers and those who want to fill a position to network and see if their needs match with each other.

While I am working on the site so that any one can post job vacancies by themselves, we will be making do with sending our job vacancies and  CVs to

 richnigerianmentor@gmail.com      or corporatekanselor@gmail.com

and I will for now be posting them myself.


I hope this will help reduce the number of unemployment in the pharmaceutical industry.

Also I am open for suggestions on how to make this work


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