Untold Ebola Miracle: How Nigerian Doctors Strike Saved Nigeria From Ebola Epidemic


A realisation hit me last night that made me believe that God’s regional office is in Nigeria because that was the only reason I saw why Baba allowed Nigerian doctors go on strike no silly reasons. Their strike helped to save Nigeria pharmacists and Nigerian people in general from an Ebola disaster.

Here is some background. I heard that the original plan was to take Patrick Sawyer the guy that imported Ebola to Nigeria to Lagos university teaching hospital. Now here is what would have happened. When the vehicle carrying patrick sawyer gets to LUTH, it would have been driven to LUTH emergency unit.

At the emergency unit, he would have been kept waiting in a crowded lobby with hundreds of other patients for at least three hours because that is how long it takes to get attention at Lagos university teaching hospital.

Because he would be in an open space, a least 100 student doctors and resident doctors will see him throw up yet they will just step over his vomit which will get in contact with them. The doctor that attends to him finally will shake at least ten of his colleagues every hour before he remembers to wash his hands with water only.

Then Patrick will be asked to get the money to buy drugs and he will walk like five hundred metres to the payment point despite the fact that he is still throwing up. He will then go to LUTH pharmacy where he will be made to queue up with other patients and hand his sweat contaminated receipt to the pharmacists who would casually drop it into a box that other pharmacists take from.

Because only junior residents will attend to him, they will all conclude that he has a serious case of malaria and typhoid and admit him to a ward that has at least 30 other patients. By the next morning, three teams of doctors and their troop of students would have come to look at him and walk by, all making contact with him.

By the next 72 hours when a consultant finally comes to look at him, Ebola Patrick would have come in contact with at least 500 people who would have come in contact with at least ten other people each in the first 24 hours. Now do the maths. The greatest blessing for Nigeria was just the fact that Nigerian doctors were on strike.

If Patrick Sawyer as taken to LUTH under the conventional LUTH practice that I know, only the grace of God would have saved Nigeria from at least a million Ebola related deaths. Finally, I think the govt policy of suspending the residency program for thorough review is a critical one. There s an urgent need for the review of the nonchalant attitude of doctors especially at LUTH.

For some strange reasons except it has to do with their own relatives, the doctors will be walk by a patient who is dying and none of them will lift a finger to do anything. Its only those who have not experienced it that would want to take a critically sick relative to LUTH except you have an insider there.

A neighbour of mine once took her only child to LUTH. The baby was having difficulty in breathing and was rushed to LUTH. The little girl was placed on oxygen but when another child was brought in, the oxygen was was then from her and given to the next baby. The mother could see her child dying, she was pleading with the doctors to do something but for 24 hours, the doctors just nonchalantly walked by and the only child of s fanpmily died.

The lady almost tore down the ward but her child was gone and she is yet to get another child after that. I will therefore ask all Nigerians to go for thanks giving because of the strike of doctors in Nigeria.


3 thoughts on “Untold Ebola Miracle: How Nigerian Doctors Strike Saved Nigeria From Ebola Epidemic

  • August 24, 2014 at 8:26 am

    The superstitious God obsession in our country is just plain nauseating. It’s no surprise though. To get through a pharmacy degree in any of the derelict universities, young impressionable freshmen pharmacy undergrads will have to either join a cult and graduate gang-bangers or join an apocalyptic Religious fellowship and graduate a religious nutter. Looks like the author and the commentators here chose religious fanaticism. The tragedy though is they were paid tuition to study science!

  • August 23, 2014 at 9:45 am

    In all things lets give thanks to God. Nothing happens without a purpose. Keep up the good work.

  • August 22, 2014 at 10:42 pm

    What a true story. Nigerian are lucky to have be saved by God almighty amen


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