Unbelievable Miracle At Pcn Lagos Meeting With Victimised Pharmacists


Now I can say I believe in Pharmaceutical miracle. What happened today at the meeting PCN Registrar mandated problem solving session at the PCN Lagos zonal office is nothing less than a miracle.

A lot of the aggrieved pharmacists some of whom have cases that have lasted for more than three years where shocked when their issues were resolved in less than two hours.

I really don’t know how to explain what happened but it was just amazing. I was so happy to see the smile on the faces of a lot of the pharmacists most of whom have been pleading their cases before the P.I.C for months and even years.

In fact one young pharmacist whose place the PIC refused to fully register was asked to install an extra air conditioner and come for his approval said he was going for thanks giving tomorrow because he has been pleading with the P.I.C for the last 10 months to tell him why his place was not approved and no one told him any thing.

I want to admit that I doubted it when  Bar Lawan head of PCN legal unit told me the registrar was going to send a team to Lagos to sort out all the issues after our Abuja meeting..

I want to say that Nigerian pharmacy profession is indeed blessed with a wonderful leadership in the person of the registrar. I want to express my profound gratitude to him for the miracle he made happen in Lagos today because only God using him could make happen what happened today.

I will be saying more later but I need to get home to digest what happened. I want to also say a big thank you to the team that handled the cases led by Pharm Ezeugwu the Lagos zonal head. He is indeed a father and a great mediator. He was just determined to sort out all the issues and had a masterful way of clarifying blurred issues and come out with resolutions that all parties accepted.

I also want to congratulate all the pharmacists that benefited from this miracle that happened today.

This means that all pharmacists can boldly fight for their rights knowing that the Registrar with stand by them.

And for those who are going to throw parties, remember that you will still need money to stock up so please reserve some money ooh.



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