Try This Love Potion That I Used To Save My Marriage From Collapse

Love potion

Do you urgently need a love potion for your wife to spice up your marriage? Is your marriage passing through a tough time and practically do not know what to do?

Well I once was in your shoes but luckily for me I stumbled on a simple secret love potion that has guaranteed me a double potion of love from my Babiscus. This love potion works like magic and it will cost you nothing extra

A young man recently called me and wanted to see me urgently. Now, I have not met him before but from the tone of his voice, I knew he was desperate and immediately asked him to come and see me.

His story was simple. Love had died in his marriage and he was seriously contemplating divorce. He still loved his wife but the spark was no longer there. He needed a love potion urgently too. I gave him the recipe for the love potion and he is now enjoying a sweet marriage.

I got the recipe for this love potion from a Catholic priest. A few years ago, my marriage was in shambles and the only thing keeping me in it were the children. I how ever went to see a Catholic priest and he gave me a recipe that saved my marriage.


You may not believe it but this simple recipe was a wonderful love potion. It worked like magic. I started by making sure my body touched herself anytime I have was passing by her. I started making sure I touched her bumbum as I passed by. I moved to touching her breast and she will chase me when I did that.

When she is in the kitchen, I will hold her from the back to see what she was doing. I made sure I touched, held or hugged her three times every day.

This simple activities were massive love potion. My relationship with my wife blossomed. Sometimes she would chase me round the house when I do a breast brushing and pretended I did not know I touched her breast. My children will join in the game when they see their mummy laughing and chasing their daddy round the house.

This love potion by touching works so wonderfully well that even in the bible, Isaac gave this love potion to Rebecca his wife. In the book of Genesis, when Isaac was living in the Land of the Canaanites, they thought Rebecca was his sister until the king looked out of his window one hot afternoon and saw Isaac hugging Rebecca. The king immediately knew that these was a couple that were seriously in love because the King knew that only men that loved their marriage hugged their wife in broad daylight.

So, if your marriage is having some crises, start with this love potion of touching your wife at least three times a day. Target her bumbum, her breast and her back. If you start this, I promise you that you will be amazed at what this simple action will do to your marriage and how your wife will suddenly light up like the sun anytime you are around.

Also note though that she would pretend that you are bugging her. Do not listen to what she says rather watch how her face lights up when you do your drive by brushing. My wife will chase me with a spoon asking me to leave her back alone but, I see the lovely smile on her face when I do the touching and leave and she does not know that I was still watching her.

Use this love potion on your wife and your nights will never be the boring again if you get what I mean.

I will be sharing the other love potion varieties that have also worked for me with my family.

Contact me on 08023622171 if you urgently need to know the other things that have helped me in having a loving family.

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  • July 20, 2015 at 1:37 am

    What advice you give to women to make their love life better.

    • July 20, 2015 at 7:47 am

      I will advise you check a video on YouTube titled A TALE OF TWO BRAINS by Mark Grunger. I think a ladies must watch it.


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