still small voice

Do you know the still small voice that helps rich Nigerians become richer? Has it ever spoken to you. If it has, have you been listening to it? I was producing some audio CDs for a Full Gospel Business fellowship program that  wanted to share for free. I had produced it all through the night and much into the second day.

I was just packing the CDs into the holders and dropping them on the flour. I wanted to finish producing before organising the produced CDs. I had produced about 500 copies when I just felt like going out. As I was about to leave, a small voice just whispered to me saying PACK UP THE CDs NOW! Because I know that voice when it speaks, I immediately stooped down and started to pack the CDs into a carton. Just as I was finishing, my little daughter who was standing by the pile of CDs dropped the cup of water she was holding and the water spilled all over the place where the pile of CDs was just a moment ago.

That is the voice that make rich Nigerian pharmacists richer. They have learnt to listen to the voice of their intuition and that voice has always created great opportunities out of nothing for them. I have had a day when I was driving and the voice asked me to pack and check my tyre. When I parked and checked the tyre, the four bolts were almost falling off.

Rich Nigerian pharmacists have come to understand the power of the still small voice and will always listen to it because its the key to making great decisions that contradicts all available data and still come out correct.

We all have that voice speak to us but it will only speak more often if we listen to it more often. A lot of people would have just continued to walk away when they hear the voice to pack and will regret when the water pours on their two days labour.

Rich Nigerian pharmacists that I know don’t make that same mistake. You therefore must not make the mistake of not listening to your still small voice. Its the sixth sense that guide anybody that achieves greatness. They hear that still small voice and they listen to it

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