The Secret Recipe That Changed A Nigerian Pharmacist and Can Radical Transform Nigeria

Transform Nigeria

I discovered something at Prof Pat Utomi’s office and after sharing the recipe with some young Nigerian pharmacists, one of them whom surprisingly I have never met wrote me this letter. He Revealed a recipe that has changed his life.

I thought it was necessary to publish his letter for it to show how easy it is for Nigerians to change Nigeria in less than six months if we decide to start mentoring each other . We achieved this result in less than six month because I have barely been in touch with this young pharmacist for up to six months. I have also been lucky to be blessed by God on an insight that is currently scaring me.

I have just discovered a way that we can actually automate this mentorship process so that ten thousand Nigerians can very easily with an app I am working on, mentor one million other Nigerians. Imagine the amount of difference we will make if we can unleash 1000,000 enthusiastic and Nigerians motivated Nigerian entrepreneurs to move out and succeed using a platform as simple as a free mobile app?

And for you Ofunne, whom I met and spoke with this morning, I hope this letter inspires you to hold unto your dream and keep believing in your dreams and country. GOD BLESS NIGERIA

The title of his mail was




Sep 6 (7 days ago)

to me

Good day sir,

Is my pleasure to write this email to you with a happy mode. You came into my life when I am doing what I am doing in an unorganized way.

Not sooner have I started than when I met you. I told you to be my mentor and you agreed instantly without having to see me.

You gave me advice, you ping me when you noticed am out of track. You made some suggestions in my life which I critically analysed, followed and today the end result is overwhelming.

At times in life, is not money that we need at all times to make a lasting change. One great insight from a mentor can change a whole lot of things in our life.

Do you remember when you told me to buy a domain name for my blog and host it under hostagor. I eventually did and not long after I have finished, advertising agencies started pestering me to put ads on my blog because of increased traffic.

The blog have exposed me more than my profession. Now I have time to engage in business and entrepreneurship seminars.

I have had many invites for a speaking engagements and churches and clubs have made it on me sooner than before due to the increased traffic on my blog and the fact that I used a Facebook autopilot app I bought from a BBM contact to post to multiple Facebook groups and pages at once immediately after each publications.

You equally advice me to write books, I have written five books and am almost publishing them one after the other.

Thank you sir. Please do not relent on me. God will continue to give you the wisdom to handle me. I love you so much with the love of God and I don’t read your articles I eat and devour them as they are coming.

Keep soaring sir.

Pharm. Obi Anthony Uchenna.
Ilorin, kwara state.

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