The Problems We Want To Start Solving For Nigerian Pharmacists

The problems that we want to solve.

  1. The average Nigerian will set New Year resolutions or attend a great business training, sets goals and decides on the things he wants to achieve but he still remains in the position he was six months later.


  1. A worker especially sales representatives rarely follows up on his assignments and has wonderful excuses why he did not do what he was asked to do.
  2. A tailor does not deliver your shirt on the morning of your wedding or your printer does not bring the brochure for your event ten minutes into the event where the brochure is supposed to be used. And they don’t see anything wrong with it.
  3. A business owner will employ a consultant to help her develop a strategic action plan. Yet after the plan is developed delivered and paid for, nothing more is done with it by the business owner.
  4. A Business executive or young entrepreneur gets a great business idea which has great potential but after twelve month, that idea still remains on paper despite the fact that he deeply desires to bring it to life. All these are goals and challenges that had to do with setting a goal and doing them.
  5. Then there are attitude challenges like, a mother is a very bad cook but will never accept that her cooking is awful nor accept a direct offer of help to get better.
  6. Address the challenge of unemployment among fresh Nigerian graduates by  and reducing their unemployment by 50%

We then ask you some questions.


  1. What if there is a system that gets your staff to set goals and ensures that they work with those goals?
  2. What if there is a system that can guarantees more than 50% of fresh Nigerian university graduates a basic income of at least N50,000/month
  3. What if there is a system that helps you and your team members to prioritize your goals monthly weekly and daily and helps ensure that you achieve at least 80% of your goals every month without you even knowing or feeling the pressure to work on your goals?
  4. What if there is a system that will not tell you that you are bad at something but indirectly mentors you without hurting your pride or ego in that area?
  5. Now what if there is a system that eliminates the African time mind-set for everyone that you give a task to i.e what if there is a system that ensures that your tailor delivers your shirt on the day he asks you to come and pick it up or your car mechanic finishes servicing your car when he told you he would
  6. Most importantly, what if there is a system that helps you build a great relationship with your loved ones?

Over the next twelve months, we will deploy a set of systems that can help you solve any of the above problems. Simply sign up with our blog to let you know when we are selecting the first set of people to help solve there problems free of charge.


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