The National Office Of Nigerian Association Of Angry But Fearful Pharmacists In Lagos


I was shocked to discover the National association of angry but fearful Nigerian pharmacists. These are a group of pharmacists who have been grossly denied their rights but for fear of the P.I.C inspectors in Lagos have swallowed their injustice.

By this morning, I have received an amazing number of calls and messages from aggrieved pharmacists. There is the case of a wholesaler from whom #100,000 naira was collected and his premises was still sealed. When he went to PCN, he was asked why he paid the money to the account the inspectors gave him.

I have tried to tell all of the members of this association that complaining to me will not make much difference. They need to get their lawyers involved. I want to use this opportunity to advise all pharmacist that have dealings with PCN to go and get a lawyer and buy the PCN rules and regulation guiding premises registration.

Make sure your lawyer is around the day they come for the inspection of your place. Your lawyer will help ensure that they follow the rules when inspecting your location and not just plucking their own rules out of nowhere to deny you registration.

If you do not get a lawyer involved, it might be cheaper for you short term but very expensive long term. The losing term impact is that you will become a member of the Nigerian association of Angry but fearful pharmacists.

You can also write directly to the registrar on the email Start taking action to help reduce the number of impoverished Nigerian pharmacists.

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