The Magic Formular For Recieving The Touch Of God And Getting Answered Prayers

bishop oyedepo

I have been hearing about break through prayers but just like most people, I believed that it is a prayer that powerful men and women of God can say for you. But today, I had an experience that I never knew an ordinary person can have while praying.  Infact, I realised the secret formula Elijah used to shut up the heavens just by praying.

Now here is how it happened. My younger brother had been passing through some serious challenge. One of his eyes had been giving him serious problems.

He had gone to different consultant ophthalmologists and they just could not fathom what was wrong with the eye. It will heal and when every one starts to rejoice that it has healed, the eye will break out again.

Today, we had all come home for my sister’s traditional wedding and he came too. Yesterday, he was okay but this morning, by eleven am, he was still in his room.

When I went to check on him, he said his head was splitting into two. The headache was so terrible that he could not look at the slightest ray of light. I rushed to a nearby pharmacy to get him his drugs.

He tooky them and got some relief. Around 5pm, I did not see him again and around 7 pm I went to his room to check on him. This time, he was almost squeezing his head and he said the drugs were not working.

I got back into my car drove down to a bigger pharmacy and got his some stronger medicine but as I was driving back a voice asked me why I was allowing the devil to mess with something dear to me and inside I got angry.

The voice reminded me of the times years ago when if my wife was sick and the illness defied medicine, how I will sit by her side and pray her to sleep.

I made up my mind to show the devil that he had crossed a danger line. When I got home, I gave him the medicine which gave him some relief then I started to pray. A rhythmic slow and steady prayer. I started praying around 8pm. Just slow and steady.

Now here are the magic points. As I prayed, my sisters came in and saw his state and started firing prayers but I maintained my pace. I did not allow their pace to distract my focus and pace.

After a while, they left but I continued my prayer in the same pace. Here is also the second magic. Thoughts and suggestion and distractions started to come but I remembered how Jesus answered the devil when he was been tempted.

so for each distracting thought that came, I just gave it a bible verse that matched it. I did not try to reason out the thought. I simply gave it a bible verse that countered it. But I maintained my pace.

Then out of no where a flash of inspiration. I heard a voice tell me to ask my brother to release his former wife. He must forgive her. The Lady had done him some wrong that even I would have found it difficult to forgive her if I was in his shoes.

In fact the eye injury came when she hit him in the eye because he told her he did not have money on him one morning that he was going to work.

I heard in my heart that he can not get his healing unless he from his heart forgave her irrespective of how hurt he was by her. I immediately stopped praying, told my brother what I heard and we agreed to go and see the lady’s parents and tell them them we hold nothing against their daughter.

This told me that while praying, you must be sensitive to differentiate between inspiration and distracting thoughts.

Again I went back to my rythm and continued praying. Not only was I praying, I was pacing the room non stop, never sitting down. At a stage, I was sure that my legs will crumble but I gave that thought a bible verse that suited it and moved on.

Then at a stage I was filled with tiredness to the cells of my body. I sat down but continued my prayer. By now my sister had joined me again but this time at my own pace.

As we prayed, my brother was still tossing in bed from the pain but I had also switched off the light. Then I said to myself that I will stop after the next three minutes because I was sure that I could not go any further without collapsing.

But from the dept of my heart a voice came and said “I will stop when I choose to stop and not when my body wants to stop. I immediately jumped up from my sitting prayer position and started my pacing pattern.

I told myself that I was going to pray for another thirty minutes to one hour after the three minutes passed. That was when the magic happened.

Suddenly, the tiredness and weariness vanished. I suddenly felt a lift in my body. I suddenly knew that I could continue for hours but most importantly, the distracting voices disappeared.

Then I heard a voice tell me that I have crossed into another plane where prayers get answered very easily and the voice asked me to fill up that space immediately with my supplications for my brother which I immediately did. I just kept praying, without a feeling of tiredness. I deliberately told myself when to stop and when I stopped, I still had the energy to continue but the miracle I didn’t notice was that while I prayed, that my brother had dozed off at the lifting stage when the weariness disappeared.

But what gripped me the most was when I thought about the number of times I stopped praying in the past just because I felt I could not go on because my body was screaming for me to stop. I remember the number of times I will be praying, the urge to sleep will be so strong that I will feel that if I did not sleep, my brain will crash.

I now wonder the break through I would have gotten if I had just asked my body to shut up and focussed on my prayer.

When I finally chose to stop, I came and looked at the clock. It was after eleven Pm. I had prayed for well over two and half hours when previously, praying for just thirty minutes was like praying for eternity to me. Also, I had prayed for that length of time with only my sisters knowing that I was praying.

I got to realise that it was not the loudest prayers that God answers but the steady, focussed and consistent prayer.

As I write this at about 12.45 am, I still feeling like sneaking a few more shots of prayer. Thus tiredness while praying is a trick of the devil. Answered prayers fills you with energy and leaves you energized most importantly, your prayer has to be at your own pace not at the pace of others around you. Finally, join me in continuous prayer for my brother that he truly forgives and that his healing will be permanent in Jesus name.

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