The Highest Paid Nigerian Pharmacist


Who is the highest paid Nigerian pharmacist I once asked. I was listening to a group of young men including some pharmacists give detailed rundown of the highest paid footballers. They knew almost what each player was earning and who was transferred from one club to another at what transfer fee. But shockingly, these figure had little or no significance to them beyond the knowledge of who was earning what.

Personally, I know that if I track the pay of footballers for the length of the time these young pharmacists track them and knowing the age of most of these players, I will be driven to want to earn a lot more.

Most importantly, as you track the salaries of footballers to know the highest paid, do you know the salary of the highest paid pharmacist or worker in your industry. A lot of pharmacists earn barely above 150k in retail practice but I heard of a retail chain in Nigeria that is paying one of their top pharmacists close to 500k. I am talking about a retail pharmacy. I know another retail pharmacy that is paying their locum intern pharmacists about 90k.

My point is not that we should stop tracking what footballers are earning hut let the information stimulate a hunger and drive to want to triple our earning. Also, as you keep scores of the latest number of goals scored by as player and comparing it with other players, start to keep score of the weekly and monthly results you are getting compared to other people in your field.

Get at least five top earning people in your industry and set a goal of exceeding them. I once set a goal to do better than a particular girl in my class in the university. I monitored her scores and compared them regularly with mine. I tracked her reading style, and compared it with mine.

Although I did not finally beat her but using her as a yard stick gave me a much better result than I would have achieved if I had not tracked her performance. So, do not allow the knowledge of what footballers and other high earners just be information you have rather let it become a driving Force that will make you drive to double your current income



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