When Sheryl Sandberg the billionaire Facebook executive was in Google, she started on a huge project that consumed a lot of resources and she made a lot of mistakes. One day, she realised what her mistakes and decisions were costing Goolgle and went to see Larry Page the founder of Google. She told him she was sorry for her mistakes and what it had cost Google.

According to Rabbi Brackman is his book titled JEWISH WISDOM FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS, Larry page shocked her by saying her only mistake was not increasing her pace. He assigned her a bigger task that turned into a major money spinner for google. Today the lady that blew millions for google has not only generated billions for them but has gone to facebook to become a billionaire.

One of the best thing that can happen to anyone is to have a prodigal son or daughter. The prodigal child is a child that squanders your wealth but you must pray like I do to have a prodigal son that will come back. One of the missed part of the story of the prodigal son is a key thing the father gave the boy when he came back. The father gave him his ring the symbol of his authority.

In the ancient days a ring was your seal of authority more like your signature now. That was Hamman took the ring from the King to sign that the jewish be killed when Esther was the queen.

Why would a man give a son the symbol of his power which in the olden days was his ring? The prodigal son did what wise men pray their son will do or force their sons to do. The prodigal son came and asked for his share of the wealth which his father with out arguing gave to him. This meant that the man had been praying that one of his sons will ask for his share.

The son took his share of the wealth, travelled to a distant country and wasted the assets he was given. But the most critical part was that he came to his senses and went back. And the story also tells that the father was waiting for him to come back meaning that the man knew from experience that the young man will come back. Immediately he saw the young man, he gave him a ring which he did not give to his elder brother. You may want to ask from a business perspective why the man will give authority to a waster?

Here is what the shrewd father realised

1. SUSTAINABLE WEALTH CAN ONLY BE MANAGED BY THOSE WILLING TO STEP OUT AND TAKE CHANCES – The young man not knowing what the future held, was willing to step out instead of staying in the confines of the safety of his fathers house. When he stepped out, he father immedaitely realised he had a son who was willing to take risks which are critical to growing and maintaining wealth. This is why most men who have children that were very obedeint never built sustainable businesses. In the book GOD FATHER, the son that expanded the empire was the son that refused to obey his father.

2. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BUILD AN ENDURING BUSINESS NEED MANAGERS WHO CAN TAKE DECISIONS WITHOUT ALWAYS WAITING FOR HIM TO COME – Despite the fact that the property had been shared, the elder son did not have the confidence to talk a little lamb to share with his friends despite the fact that the assets had been shared and the remaining belonged to him. He was waiting for permission to take what was his. The man realised that his elder son could not run his business empire when he died because the elder son was always waiting for him to give permission and the man knew his heritage will be destroyed if left in the hands of the elder son.

3. EXPERIENCE IS CRITICAL TO SUCCESS – By going out and failing, he gathered experince which the father knew was very critical to success. A group of American investors will not give money to an entrepreneur who has not started and failed in a business worth at least $1000,000.00. They know that there are critical tools for success which only failing and having the confidence to stand up again can only give. In the book the richest man in Babylon, the richest man once gave his son bags of gold and a set of rules for success.

He then asked the son to go and multiply the money in business. The young man wasted all the bags of gold his father gave him and like the prodigal son lived in severe want until he too came to his senses. With the rules written on a paper, he started again and was able to make so much money again. The father of the prodigal son knew that the moment he saw the young man coming back looking tattered,that life had thought him the keys to success.

4. HE TOOK RESPONSIBILITY – What great men seek from prodigal sons and daughters in for them to refuse to shift blame to others. The son came back and admited his mistake. The moment he did that, the man knew he had a son who could run his business empire. Most failures that continue the fail have one thing in common.They refuse to accept reponsibility for their failure. They will blame everything and everyone but themselves for their failures.

A ring is given to anyone who was bold enough to try when others hid in the safety of not wanting to be labelled a failure. The mistake that most people make is that rather than going back to where they started from, they continue to try to make things work by themselves. One of the things failure will teach you is that you cannot succeed without a father figure or mentor by your side that will encourage you to stand up and move again because he now knows that you have learnt a critical lesson from life.

If you are a business owner and  you see a pharmacist who failed in business and went back to start from the basics of the rudiments of business, know that you just discovered a back bone that can suport your business. I will strongly suggest you grab him becuase he has experience that most people who have not failed in life do not have.

He is the kind of person you would want to invest in. If you have ever failed in business and realised that you were responsible for the failure and refuse to shift responsibilty to another person no matter what happened, then I can assure you that if you can start from the basics again, get a very good mentor and read business books, you will be a millionaire in at most five years.

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