october 1st

I have always tried to take stock of my life on every October 1st to know if there was any significant change that happened in my life between October first of the previous year and October 1st of the current year.

October 1st is my birthday and I have been getting loads of happy birthday messages. But I know from experience that most people will be amazed that they could not reach me or get me to reply to their birthday wishes today being October 1st.

The reason is simple. For the past ten years or so, on October 1st of the year, I always attend the PLATFORM NIGERIA program which is an intellectual discuss event for stimulating Nigerians since Nigeria’s independence fall on October 1st too.

Now, I know that I am an active student of life and like most parents that send their child to school, they would like to know the difference in the knowledge level of their child between the time the session started and at the end of the session.

I have looked at my life between October 2014 and today being October 1st 2015 and here are some of the progress I made and how I have made my world and the world around me better

  1. SELF DEVELOPMENT – I have spent at least 1500 hours on proactive conscious self development. I have listened to audio messages and watched seminar videos for more that 1500 hours. I have read over 15 books between October 1st 2014 and October 1st 2015. I have attended at least 10 seminars over the same time period. This has made me much more wiser and smart and richer.
  2. MY FAMILY – I have developed my relationship with my family consciously over the same time period. I am proud to boast that over the October 1st of last year and this year that I did not have any quarrel with my wife. Though we had a few sessions of grouchiness especially on days when my pocket was very dry but I never had any quarrel with my wife and I also built a great relationship with my children that they would not sleep if I did not come to sleep beside them. I built this wonderful relationship by making sure I compliment them on a daily basis. I show interest in their daily affairs by asking my wife and children what they did during the day when I was not with them and I listened to them. I appreciate what they do for me by saying a big thank you and giving them a hug
  3. PHARMACY PRACTICE – I was able to initiate some massive changes in Nigeria’s pharmacy practice and helped to resolve cases some pharmacists where having some of which have lasted for years. I have inspired so many young pharmacists by one on one mentorship, speaking at their schools and providing them with information that have transformed a lot of their businesses and career.
  4. TALKS AND SEMINARS – I have delivered talks and seminars between October 2014 and October 1st 2015 to audiences of more than 1000 people including Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria youth wing, Full gospel business men fellowships, Business organisations.
  5. MESSAGES – Thousands of people have downloaded my audio messages or bought my CDs of my talks. I am amazed at how lived have been changed by the number of people that call me to tell me that my message has changed their lives
  6. SEEN THE HEALING POWER OF THE WORD OF GOD – For the past 12 months, I have not spent more than N1000 on medicine in my house. I have also seen healing happen to people simply by their listening to me talk. Now, truly I do not understand how this happens or why it happens but I have seen that God is no respecter of man, that anyone can inspire healing in another if the speaker truly believe in the power in the Gospel of God and shares it with such inspiration that the other person too can get to a point of true believe for their healing.
  7. INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS – From the last time I checked more than 30,000 people have watched my videos and the number keep rising. This I did between October 1st 2014 and October 1st 2015.
  8. MORE BOOKS – I have gotten two more books ready for publishing and this will bring the total number of my published books to 5 and

Now, I can go on and on about what difference that happened to me or I made happen between 2014 October and October 1st 2015, but the key point I want to pass across is that you to must be able to account with things of great significance what you have achieved between the 363 days that lie between your two birthdays.

There must be things you should be proud of every time you celebrate your birthday, knowing that you have changed your life, the lives of the people around you or the world around you during the days that are between your two birthdays

Now if you need help in creating significance of of the 363 days between your birthdays, you can contact me and I can help you create a life of amazing significance between your birthdays on +2348023622171

october 1st


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