Here is a simple strategy for rapidly increasing your sales in your community pharmacy. A few weeks back, a young pharmacist that had a pharmacy in Lagos signed up for our training program at KANSELOR UNIVERSITY and his key challenge was how to grow his sales because he could barely break even.

So, I want to walk you through one of the simple strategy we used to turn his business around. It can help you too with your sales.

We asked him to start by setting a monthly target for his team. We then advised him to train all his staff both pharmacists and non pharmacists intensively on the different supplements, body care and herbal products brands.

We then asked him to give each staff some supplements and vitamins to go and read up on. Then each staff came and made a presentation on what they have read.

Finally, we asked him to assign certain high end supplement, body care products and nutraceuticals to each staff. If the staff sold a certain minimum number of the product in a week, they get a certain bonus.

Now because he had taken time to train his staff on these items, the staff had above average know of these products. Because they had above average knowledge, they could confidently market these products to their customers.

We gave him some of our marketing strategies videos to watch and he also watched with his team.

Because each staff now had an incentive for marketing these high end products that they would normally would not talk to a customer about, the staff now had a driving motivation to sell these products.

We also asked him to set his sales checklist which are things he must check everyday with regards to his sales. This young pharmacist adopted these ideas and put them into practice. In a short while, his sales rose dramatically. The amazing part is that the growth came not from ethical product but from Supplements, Herbals and bodycare products. To learn more about other simple strategy for growing sales, sign up for our online program HERE

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