Keto diet, keto diet, keto diet!!! How many times did I call you? Where have you been all this while that you allowed beautiful Nigerian women (and some men) to suffer the embarrassment that comes from being asked to pay for two seats in a taxi or bus? Well this is my free New year gift to you and your fat friends on how to lose that fat

Keto diet is a word I never heard until I suddenly saw my large size elder sister suddenly start to look like an under 18 year old babe. Amazingly, my immediate younger sister joined her in the keto diet and she too within a period of less than six months as you can see from her picture was suddenly looking fit trim and healthy.

When something works, you do not need to ask too much questions when the evidence is right under your nose. I decided to share this message about KETO diet because I know a lot of pharmacists who are really heavy and have tried unsuccessfully to downsize.

My elder sister who is now a KETO diet evangelist has come up with different KETO DIET FORMULAR. She seems to think that every woman deserves to look trim, slim and beautiful. However, its the health benefit of the KETO DIET that got my attention. KETO DIET has been shown to combat a lot of diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc.

This means that you can actually heal yourself just with the food you eat.

Now, a note of caution. I have come to realise that KETO DIET needs a lot of dedication and peer support at the initial stage. Also when you do not know what to eat at what time. You need someone to guide you. The effect of KETO DIET can be quite scary  for a novice as I witnessed with my sister in law who started the diet. She almost collapsed from excessive diarrhoea. It was later that I heard from my sister that when you are on KETO diet, there are specific ways to combine your diet and there are certain food and even fruits that you do not eat at certain times.

I got to learn that eating Cucumber at night causes serious diarrhoea.

Now, I prefer to leave the experts to handle matters in different areas. For those of you who would want to start losing weight, I want to suggest you join the group my sister set up on facebook called GLOBAL KETO KITCHEN.

She is in the best position to teach you how to start and most importantly the group serve as peer support group where women ( and some fat men) support each other to overcome the initial difficulties associated with eating lettuce and tomatoes for breakfast or one egg for lunch.

You can also check seek my sister our for more advise directly on facebook by searching CHINYERE ALEX-ICHU.

When I get her permission to post her phone number, I will also add that one. Now go or get an orobo around you to join their GLOBAL KETO KITCHEN support ground and you will be amazed at how beautiful you will look within a few short months


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