Secret Behind The Success Of A Retail Nigerian Pharmacist That Suddenly Became Rich

I have recently been studying the business of a young Nigerian retail pharmacist that seems to be taking Lagos by storm. I have observed her to see why her sales jumped from the thousands of naira to hundreds of thousands of naira per day.

I was intrigued because just two hundred metres away from her is another pharmacy whose sales barely hits ten thousand naira per day. I decided to find out what happened and the discovery was so basic but profound as to be easily overlooked. But to any retail pharmacist who can perceive it, the impact will be profound.

That secret ingredient that suddenly drove up her sales I discovered was AMBIENCE.

This young pharmacist had started off in a small pharmacy and sales was barely moving forward. Luckily, she got a bigger location in the next building. The first thing she did which most pharmacist would rarely do was to pay a rent that was way outside her comfort zone. The rent was running into millions. She built up the confidence to pay for it.

She did not try to do the space and shelving by herself. She got experts to do them for her. An architect designed the layout and the interior ceiling was done wonderfully well by experts despite the fact that it was already painted.

She got a top furniture designer to make her shelve according to the designed lay out.

She got the lighting experts to design the lighting of the place rather than just fix bulbs to fittings. She chose colours that gave people peace and used it to paint her premises.

She got a branding expert to design a great logo for her rather than just going to a sign makers to make a sign for her. Then she got the best sign maker to convert the logo design into her signs

She got glass experts to install special glass doors.

When it came to stocking, the picture of her stocking above speaks for itself.

But most importantly, despite the fact that she was a pharmacist, she also employed the services of three more locum pharmacists.

The result was that sales suddenly increased by more that 500%.

Her sales did not increase from her customers buying more but rather, a new category of customers that never came into her former place suddenly started to flow into her shop.

All these are the kind of result any pharmacy in any location can get if the pharmacist decided to work on the ambience of his shop. My advise to all retail pharmacists whose sales are very poor is to imitate the above steps and I promise you that your sales too will shoot up.


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