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I was shocked today when a client invited me to come and help out another pharmacy owner. Since the pharmacy was a very popular one the last time I visited that area, I immediately thought I saw a great opportunity to make some consulting money. But when we got to premises, I was shocked beyond words. My jaw dropped because I could not believe what I was seeing. I could not believe that a pharmacy that was the biggest pharmacy in that Locality could crash to a level that a patent medicine shop looked better than it.

When I asked what happened, my friend told me that it was a long story. I looked at the man almost all pharmacists wanted to be like and I felt like crying. What frightened me the most was when the man said if he slept this night he did think he will still e alive by tomorrow.

I have learnt something in life which is that the life of a man involves a lot of ups and downs. A few years ago, I was in that situation where my importation and distribution business also crashed and I had to rely on hand-outs to feed.

I learnt some lessons that helped me survive and I believe that it will help any pharmacist who is currently in a position he never believed he or she will ever fall to from the height they have gotten to.

1. LIFE IS ABOUT UPS AND DOWNS FINANCIALLY – I learnt that no matter how much you plan, you financial life will involve a lots of ups and downs. Do not let the very high points of your life fool you that you are financially secure. I know a multimillion, who was doing very well until the tax authority slammed her with a multi million naira tax default fine  and do not allow the low points convince you that you are financially destroyed forever either.

2. TREAT PEOPLE RIGHT WHEN YOU ARE AT THE TOP – One of my saviour during my low points was the sales boy of my friend. I used to call him and mentor him on how to be successful at what he was doing. It was this boy who when he saw my crash was lending me 1000 naira to help me out every week. My friend is trying to help the man out because when he was a rep, the pharmacy used to patronise him very well and treated him right.

3. HAVE A SURVIVOR AROUND YOU – I have shared about the financial crash of one of my mentees recently and how he will on some days call me in a confused state but after I talk to him and explain to him that I have passed through what he was currently passing through and pointing out what he needed to do, he will go back inspired and today he is out of a mess he could not see a way out of before. So, while the going is still good for you, make sure, you find some one who has survived a crash before. What you need to survive a crash is not money but mental stability and resilience and that is what a survivor will give to you.

4. LISTEN TO AT LEAST 1 INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE EVERY DAY – One thing anyone who is going through a crash will find he has in abundance is Time. But most times this TIME is used brooding over what happened. Brooding will not solve your problem. Get messages of people like TD Jakes, Mensa Otabis, Myles Munroe Tony Robbins e.t.c and listen to them none stop. Listen and watch their videos for at least three hours everyday

5. GET BACK INTO THE GAME – Do not allow what happened to you to build inertia into you. if it does, you are doomed to that state. Get back up, dust yourself off and start all over again. Swallow your pride. Do not mind what people will say. Start with whatever you have, task family and friends to help you out. And with what ever you get, get back into the game and work twice as hard and twice as smart as you used to

6. SEEK  FOR THE CAUSE OF YOUR FINANCIAL CRASH – Even if you did not contribute to the crash, you must be very sure of what caused it so that if you grow again and see the signs again, you will take evasive action. My daughter was once burnt by hot water in a kettle. Now she does not get close to any kettle whether hot or cold.

7. ADDRESS THE RELATIONSHIP LINK – For most people, heir economic collapse can be linked to a relationship challenge. Nothing saps the success energy of a man as much as having marital challenges at home or some relationship issues with someone they love. o get family and friends in sorting out any relationship challenges. If you don’t, then be prepared to languish in poverty for a very long time


9. KILL NEGATIVES THOUGHTS BECAUSE THEY WILL FLOOD YOUR MIND – Tell yourself constantly that you have a brighter future. as long as you have hope, you will survive but lose hope and you are a goner. Avoid negative thoughts no matter how appealing of soothing they might be

I highly recommend the book STRANGEST FINANCIAL SECRETS to anyone facing financial challenges

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