robert mugabeRobert Mugabe just clocked 90 years and at 90 he was elected the chairman of African Union. At his inauguration, he was looking like a sixty year old man when most of his age mates can barely stand up from their beds. This shout a clear message to everyone from Robert Mugabe which is  if you fire up your brain, you will live a longer life, that you must never allow yourself to be deceived into early retirement unless you want to settle into an early grave.

The bible in the book of Judges tells us of a proverb by Samson where he said Out of something strong came something sweet. In the case of Robert Mugabe, a lot of people dislike him but out of what people hate has come a lesson for living a long healthy life.

Robert Mugabe has shown that what the bible says is very true when it declared in the book of proverb that a cheerful heart will make a sick body healthy. And that as a man thinks so is he. If your mind is always active, your body has no choice but to try to match up to your brain by being very active and healthy. But the moment your brain stops thinking actively and working on something, your body starts to pack up in preparation for death.

But someone may want to ask what about people who have worked very hard only to discover that their body can no longer support them even at a very relatively young age? This is where the major lesson from Robert Mugabe to us lies. There is a huge difference between working hard and your brain working hard. Robert Mugabe is leading a nation that is almost derailing. This means that his brain is constantly on high alert trying to figure out how to stay on top of the matters affecting his nation.

Think of anybody who has lived a long life devoid of sickness and you will find that his brain was constantly involved in a task that kept it healthy. For some erroneous reason, we have allowed ourselves to be deceived into believing that we need to retire to enjoy life but a simple study will show you that the rating of ageing accelerates once people retire from whatever they were doing. My dad was a typical example, when it was time for him to retire, his productivity started to drop rapidly because the constant thought of maintaining the machineries at the factory where he worked had been taken from him.

With that came less brain activity and with less brain activity came all kinds of diseases that eventually killed him. Robert Mugabe refused to retire and he is as healthy and active as a fifty year old man.

Look at all the people in the bible that lived a long life and you will find out that their brain never retired. They were active up to the point of their death. Robert Mugabe has shown us that retirement is not an option but the question is what do you do when your body can no longer support what you do and my answer to that is from a lesson from the life of a colleague of Robert Mugabe who is Nelson Mandela.

When Mandela retired from presidency. he did not go into a sedentary life style, rather, he switched focus. He switched his brain into another active area like fighting AIDS, advocacy for a lot of causes. These kept him alive and healthy into his nineties.

So, rather than retire, what you need to do is change hands.Turn your attention into another area that will consume more mental energy but less physical energy. Think of what Olusegun Obasanjo did when he stepped down as Nigeria’s president. He immediately picked up a United Nation assignment and if you see him today, you will not believe how old he truly is. In fact, understanding the need to keep his brain active which will in turn keep his body healthy, Obasanjo has gone back to school. He has finished his masters degree program and is back in school for his doctorate. That is why like Robert Mugabe, Obasanjo is still very relevant in Nigeria’s politics

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