I recently stumbled on some secrets that Rich Nigerian pharmacists are using to make themselves rich. I think that this is a critical strategy that young pharmacists need to start adopting. Funny enough, this is a strategy that a lot of Igbo traders having been using  but these rich Nigerian pharmacists are now making themselves rich by modernizing it.

The strategy is very simple. They are now forming business clubs whose sole objective is to make themselves rich. This is how it works.

A group of them usually not more than ten come together and set financial goals that they must all achieve by the end of a given time. Then, they all start to work together to make sure that each of them will achieve their various goals.

For instance if one of them needs a loan, to achieve his objective, they will pool resources together to make that loan but the beauty of it is that they monitor the deployment of the loan to ensure that it is used solely for the project which they would have assessed its viability first

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They most importantly leverage on their networks. They link their members to suppliers that will give them the best prices, they get consultants to work with them to make sure that they are growing at a fast pace. Then, they make monthly contribution which they channel to different projects that generates greater returns for them.

The most important part of what these rich Nigerian pharmacists are doing to make themselves richer is that they make it mandatory for each member to attend their monthly meeting and make a presentation on the stage he or she is at in achieving his or her goal. Each member must make a written presentation of the milestones achieved, the bumps and road blocks they have been encountering. The other members will then brain storm on the roadblocks and come up with definite solutions.

There is no rivalry among them. They are all focused on the sole goal of the Business club which is to make themselves rich. If a member begins to default, that member is kicked out. There is a monthly contribution that they make and invest in a financial instrument, and from which they also make low interest loans to their members.

Now if rich Nigerian pharmacists are making themselves rich by this means, then its time that other pharmacists start to make themselves rich too by starting their own business clubs.

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