Rich Nigeria Pharmacists Sell Words Poor Pharmacists Sell Drugs

Nigeria pharmacists

Nigeria pharmacists are divided into two categories. Those that are rich and those that are poor. Some poor Nigeria pharmacists however don’t know why they are poor. They know that the price of what they sell is cheaper than what Rich Nigeria pharmacists sell in their shops. And here is the reason for their poverty.

Its the words they speak that makes the difference between being in the rich Nigeria pharmacists club or a member of the poor Nigeria pharmacists club.

I was invited in 2013 to run a training for a top pharmaceutical company in Nigeria. Another retired pharmacist that retired as a senior manager of a multinational was also invited to speak. Both of us spoke to the sales team of the company. At the end of the program, I whose only CV was that I crashed my successful company and with just five year experience was paid N500,000  while the senior pharmacist with more than 30 years experience was paid N70,000.

I went to the MD to find out why the huge difference. He told me that I spoke to the hearts of his people and convinced them to want to work harder while the senior pharmacist words were almost sending his people to sleep.

I then realised that it is the words that Nigeria pharmacists speak to their patients that would determine if they would be rich or very poor.

Take time to study rich Nigeria pharmacists talk to their patients, you will see that the patient is almost clinging unto his very word. At the end of the day, the patient rarely would say anything about the price of the product no matter the neighbourhood.

Poor Nigeria pharmacists most often will tell their patients that the price of this brand is so and that other brand is that.They then ask the patient which one they want. Rich pharmacists rarely give the patient the time to want to make a choice. Their words are so compelling that the patient leaves his or her health completely in his or her Pharmacist care.

I have never seen a rich Nigeria pharmacists whose words are not addictive to the patient. Their patients are so convinced after listening to their pharmacist, they would never believe any other person.

Here is a simple way to measure if you will be rich or poor as a pharmacist. If what you tell your patients are recorded on a CD, will that CD sell in a community of people with the ailment you spoke about on the CD.

For rich Nigeria pharmacists, when you listen to them talk to their patients, you would want to record what they are saying so that you can listen to it over and over again

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