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The average employer when he puts up a vacancy notice gets hundreds and sometimes thousands of C.Vs sent to her email box. The employer will download the C.Vs start to eliminate some of them and selecting those to attend to.

Because most employers do not have time to go through most of the CVs, the most they might go through before shortlisting will be at most 50. So, I just want to share some secrets that will help your CV get  a fighting chance of getting into the first 50 reviewed CVs.

1. SAVE IT IN MSWORD DOCUMENT FORMAT – A lot of people send their CVs in different formats without bothering to consider if the employer’s computer has the necessary software to open the file format they used. Some system may not contain  formats as basic as PDF so any file you send in those formats cannot be opened and thus the owner is automatically eliminated. So, save your CV and send it as an MS word file because every computer has MSWORD and thus can open your file.

2. LET THE FILE BEAR YOUR NAME – A lot of people save their CV with the file name CV in their mobile devices. Once they see a vacancy, they just forward the CV to the sent email. What they do not realise is that hundreds of other applicants saved their own  CV files as CV or MY CV. This means that if I am going through the downloaded CVs on my system and see a file titled MY CV or CV, I will just think that its a file that I had treated before. So, let the file name you use to save your CV be with your full name and end with CV e.g JOHN BULLAD CV

3. LET THE FILE NAME END WITH CV – Some also just save the file with just their names. If I downloaded your CV month ago and now need to fill a position, how will I know that the file I see bearing just your names  is your CV and not a quotation? Let the file name always end with CV so that when I see it, I can tell that the file contains someone CV.

4. SIMPLIFY THE DESIGN – A lot of people now use some fanciful designs in their CV s without realising that all the designs can distract the person reviewing your CV from the content of the CV. Use Simple designs. Personally, I prefer CV s with plain texts.

5. USE BULLET POINTS – There are some CVs you will open and just the amount of words on it will discourage you from wanting to read it. So as much as possible reduce the number of words to the key and necessary words. Bullet points have a way of focusing the attention of the reviewer to the points you want to make about yourself

6. LET YOUR WORK EXPERIENCE COME FIRST – For some strange reasons most applicants put their work experiences at the bottom of the CV without realising that one of the key considerations of an employee is to know the experience you have. So move your experience as close as possible to the top.

7. GET SOMEON TO READ AND CHECK YOUR CV FOR TYPO ERROR – There is a funny thing about the human mind when you are writing something, your brain will be drafting the sentences and your hand will be typing but some times, the hand will miss out on some things that the brain asked it to type. Now the eye does not want the hand to be punished and will hide the error from the brain. This means that you might type sentence a miss a word but as long as you are rereading the sentences, you will never notice that missing word until someone else reads what you wrote. You do not want that someone to be your potential employer. So, make sure that you get someone to review your CV for your before you save it on your system, just like the typos I missed in this article.

8. HAVE MORE THAN ONE PHONE NUMBERS ON YOUR CV – Someone might suddenly need to fill up a space and at that point might be when you network service provider might go on strike. So make sure you have 2 phone numbers on the CV. Preferable, let one be the number of someone living with you so that if you are where you switched of your phone, the person can be reached and he will quickly contact you.

All the best.

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