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Providing pharmacy jobs for young pharmacists is what we must come together to do. Yesterday, I said we should all come together to help in providing pharmacy jobs for young pharmacists.

Within the last 24 hours, I have helped two pharmacists secure jobs and have also received request for young pharmacists interested in sales rep job.

We really can help improve the image and reputation of the pharmacy profession in Nigeria if we can start to actively source for jobs for our younger colleagues.

Social media has made providing pharmacy jobs for young pharmacists a lot easier. This means that if we all place the available vacancies we have online, these young pharmacists can easily find them.

If I could provide to jobs within 24 hours for two unemployed pharmacists, imagine what what will happen if 1000 pharmacists provide one job every month for young pharmacists.

We can do this if we want to build this great profession. Providing pharmacy jobs is actually a function of creating jobs. Pharmacists need to start building better businesses so that there will be more space in their organisation for providing jobs for dedicated young pharmacists.

Pharmacists must start to learn to build well structured businesses that can grow. Kanselor University is currently helping young Nigerians structure their businesses to grow and expand.

I will strongly suggest that those pharmacists that still have not learnt what it takes to grow a business should CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR A COURSE ON KANSELOR UNIVERSITY

Young pharmacists who would love to learn how to start a business should also register. We believe that one pharmacist at a time, we can build a mass of very successful pharmacists that will be providing pharmacy jobs for the upcoming pharmacists still in pharmacy school.

For more information, click on this link or call 08023622171.

Thanks to those pharmacists joining hands to create more jobs for young pharmacists.

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