Once in a while, God will step out of eternity into our lives to perform a miracle. Today God performed a miracle at my first ever open seminar that made me want to burst into tears. God proved to me today that He truly called me to reach out to help people manage their businesses and that He was going to prove to me that He truly called me to start teaching business principles.

I have for more than 13 months been getting messages from God every month to start teaching small business owners how to improve their businesses and lives. And for the past 13 months, I have been asking God to give me one more month.

Though God divinely led me into business training which I was doing for big organisations like I have for the past two years been training the sales team of Geneith pharmaceuticals at their Annual sales conference. I was the person that handled the training of Hovid Nigeria ltd in Ghana last year for their whole sales team.

So, when God asked me to leave these big businesses and start to focus on small business owners, I found it difficult to believe that He wanted me to change direction. But a series of events began to happen in my life including a pastor appearing in my dream to inform me that God was about to do something new in my life.

So three weeks back, after 13 months of postponement, I decided to run the first open seminar. God then asked me to run it for free and that was where my worry started. He told me that he was going to provide the money but because I am not so grounded in faith, I felt that he wanted me to make the seminar free and get some of my clients to sponsor it.

I paid for a venue, printed flyers and distributed, started to run a series of online advertisement I chose 20th and 21 of feb dates for the event.

As the event was approaching and it was consuming money, I decided to reach out to some of my clients and as I was about to start contacting them, God asked me not to call anyone. Then I knew I was in some faith deep water. How was I going to recover my money, was my worry

I then concluded that God was going to raise a massive crowd so that they can buy so much books and audio CDs from me to cover the cost of the program. So, I was expecting a huge crowd.

Then the date arrived. I had prepared like never before and was ready to address my huge crowd. But that was when I got the first shock of my life.

Despite the fact that close to fifty people have registered for the program online and more than 20 people had personally guaranteed me that they would come, by 10.30 am no one had arrived for an event that was supposed to start by 10.00 am.

By 10.50 only six people showed up and with a sinking feeling in my stomach, I had to start. I addressed them like I would address a crowd and but by the end of the day, no other person showed up. I then had this sinking feeling in my stomach of how to recover my money. I had spent Fifty four thousand naira in putting the event together.

I even forgot to tell the six that came that they can support the program with whatever they felt the seminar was worth to them at the end of the program

But that was where the miracle started. As I was packing up, one of the ladies that came walked up to me with a huge smile on her face told me a big thank you and handed me an envelope. The second lady also walked up to me and squeezed a note into my hand.

When I got home and counted the money in the envelope, it was 20k and the squeezed note was a 0ne thousand naira note.

I had wanted to cancel the event for the second day but because of two of the men that attended told that God spoke directly to them through what I taught, to answer some pressing challenges they where facing in their lives and business, I reluctantly agreed to run it for the second day believing that it was a Saturday and more people would show up.

By the next day, only four people showed and I was praying that I would get just 50% of the N54,000 that I spent in putting the whole event together.

I still poured out everything I had prepared into them and during the question and answer session it was more of the eye openers they had all gotten. In fact one of the men said it was like scales fell out of his eyes after listening to my teaching.

That was when the miracle flow started again. As I was packing up, two of the attendees bought books and CDs worth N6000. The young man that said his eyes opened from what I taught, went down to his car, wrote a check of N25,000, cancelled it and rewrote the check for N27,000 came back and handed the check to me.

When I got home and added the 21,000 I got yesterday to the 6000 I got from the books and the check of N27,000, the miracle hit me like a bullet. I had realised exactly N54,000 which was the exact amount of money I spent in putting the event together.

I had not lost a dime. When I told my wife about what happened, she told me I better start to do the other things God had also asked me to start doing.

I now realised why He asked me not to ask for any sponsor and kept the crowd from showing up. God wanted to show and prove to me through this miracle that He really has a message He wants me to share to His sons and daughters and I really need to go for confession for doubting Gods ability to take care of my needs even when I could not see how it was possible for him to do it.

I have decided to immediately fix the date for the next training for the 21st of next month

He is indeed a God of miracle. If you are interested in the audio  CDs of the teachings for the 2 days, call me on +234 80 2362 2171

I also want to apologise to those that came at the close of the event. I think there was some error that made people think the start time was 4 pm rather than 10 am

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