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Pharmacy jobs in Nigeria is what we must help the current batch of young pharmacists to get as soon as possible. I currently have some few vacancies to fill within Lagos.

The economy of Nigeria is passing through a massive upheaval. In fact Nigerian economy has dropped from one of the top three fastest growing economies in the world to below fifteen in Africa in April 2016.

This means that these young Nigerian pharmacists need pharmacy jobs in Nigeria urgently before they start seeking for visas.

Its our job to create pharmacy jobs in Nigeria for these young pharmacists. I have been getting massive number of calls from these young Nigerian pharmacists on job opportunities.

Those in living in Lagos should send their CVs to me at or call 08023622171. I currently have some vacancies for pharmacists looking for pharmacy jobs in Nigeria.

However, I think what we need to do is to teach these young pharmacists to set up pharmacies in states with very low number of retail pharmacies. For instance, I have been travelling along Ore in Ondo state and have never seen any pharmacy in Ore.

Apart from creating pharmacy jobs in Nigeria, we need to teach these young pharmacists how to get investors to fund their knowledge.

It makes no sense creating pharmacy jobs in Nigeria where young pharmacists end up as sales reps and are paid peanuts when they can get an investor to invest in their business.

If these young chaps are guided on how to build businesses, the mark up of most pharmacies on drugs is 30%. If they made daily sales of N50,000, that translates to N1.5 million a month. This is a profit of N450,000 per month.

Even if they make 1 million a month, 30% of one million is about N333,333.33

From this you can see that what we need to do in addition to creating pharmacy jobs in Nigeria for these young pharmacists is to teach them how to setup a business.

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