Today, we will be pointing out certain factors that makes a pharmacist start to look shabby without his knowing it and how a pharmacist can avoid the trap. I share this because of an experience I had during my youth service days in Yobe state. That experience showed me how a pharmacist life will deteriorate without his even noticing it. This and other examples are truly life experiences.

I had gone to the specialist hospital damaturu to see a friend. Coincidentally, that was the day that Government employed pharmacists were having their meeting in the hospital.

As I drove in, I  saw some group of men carrying boxes some of which were tied with ropes. I thought they were villagers who came to see a sick relative.

I was shocked later when I  saw them with some corper pharmacists who introduced them to me as pharmacists working in the local governments like gubja and co. I could not believe that these guys were educated not to talk of being pharmacists.

Coming to Lagos, one day I met a pharmacist who I admired greatly in school and he was looking like a rain drenched hen.

So, what happened to these young once vibrant pharmacists. I  want to share how a pharmacist can avoid the career death trap.

  1. COMMUNITY – The first lesson I learnt is that your community has the strongest effect on how you turn out. Because the Yobe pharmacists worked in local governments where the people paid little attention to their appearance, it was just a matter of time before the pharmacists assimilated and mimicked the dressing attitudes of the community where they worked. But here is how a pharmacist can avoid this. By regularly associating with people outside your community. Also setting certain standards and seeing certain things as beneath you. This was how the slavery mentality of the ancient Israelites was broken. God asked them to regard certain animals as defiled. That way they saw themselves as a special people who could not stoop low to eat certain animals.
  2. GOALS – The pharmacist that I saw looking shabby used to be a young man we all thought would be a lecturer because he was very smart but when he graduated, he lost focus completely. Without a long to medium term goal, a pharmacist is destined for a decaying life. See how powerful goals can be. A group of young men once went to the richest and wisest man in their community to teach them how to become wealthy. He asked them to set a goal that will take them five years to accomplish. He promised to give them the secret to wealth if they can remain focused on reaching that goal for three years. The young men agreed and set the goals. They were surprised to discover that by the third year they all were more successful that their peers without goals. If you do not set at least a two year goal for your life, expect to end up a poor shabby pharmacist.
  3. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – You are where you are in life today because of what you know but you will remain where you are if you stay with what you currently know. The more you know the more you improve your life. It was what those Yobe state pharmacist knew that made them look the way they looked. This is part of the reason why we are offering you some top quality free downloadable personal development sessions here


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