Pharmacist Council Inspectors On Rampage In Lagos.

Pharmacist council inspectors are currently going round in Lagos sealing up shops. This is a wonderful development and one of the things I have been advocating for if we want to improve pharmacy practice in Nigeria. This is a special task force from Abuja.

The pharmacist council inspectors who came in from Abuja have been sealing up premises that have not renewed their license or who do not have pharmacists on ground at all times. So if you do not have a resident pharmacist or a superintendent pharmacist, better get one now.

This is what I have been advocating for rather than denying people registration. When pharmacist council inspectors are going round, it means that pharmacy owners would be forced to hire full time resident pharmacists. This will create more job opportunities for pharmacists. This also will help drive up the salary that pharmacists earn.

The idea of denying someone registration because you think he or she would register a wholesale pharmacy and operate as a retail pharmacy is not fair. Let the place if it meets all the necessary requirement be registered. Then let pharmacist council inspectors visit such place at least once a month. This will ensure that such places employ full time pharmacists.

If this pharmacist council inspectors team make their checks a routine thing, then the standard of pharmacy practice in Nigeria will definitely improve as pharmacy owners will now sit up to ensure that their premises meet all stated standards.

I want to say that this is also a great motivators for pharmacists to strive to develop their practice. If you as have to employ a resident pharmacist it means that you will have to learn what it takes to run and manage a business.

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