Patients in Nigeria if they have an option would never visit certain pharmacists because of the following reasons.

TWO 3 TIMES DAILY INFORMATION – Patients in Nigeria hate it when the best information they get about their drugs is the 2 x 3 scribbling on their dispensing container by the pharmacist. Some pharmacists rarely have time to discuss the patient condition with him or her. Pharmacists need to understand that most patients are scared by the idea that something is wrong with them.

They expect to get some better understanding of their situation from their pharmacists. Unfortunately, many pharmacists do not have time for this. The worst culprit are Hospital pharmacists. Once they are behind their counter, most pharmacists tend to see their patients as distractions. Very few try to offer words of encouragement to their patients beyond how to take their medications. Patients in Nigeria ate this.

SHABBY DRESSING – The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. For some reasons, Nigerian pharmacists have not realised that patients in Nigeria associate the efficacy of drugs given to them with the looks of the pharmacists dispensing the medication. I have personally been amazed how patients will take more expensive medications from a well dressed pharmacist but will still haggle over the price of low priced medication from a shabbily dressed pharmacist. Most pharmacist think that just putting on a tie makes them look smart. They don’t realise that the quality and look of their shirts and trousers or skirts are what will build or destroy the confidence of their patient in them.

OUTDATED KNOWLEDGE – This is what patients in Nigeria hate the most about pharmacists in Nigeria. Most pharmacist do not realise that information about anything are readily available on the internet and that patients in Nigeria are always connected. I have been out of community practice for sometime now but patients in most pharmacies that I have worked with still call me asking me when I will be coming back because the pharmacist attending to them knows nothing. Unfortunately, because some pharmacists rarely read, they walk about with information that are more harmful to their patients.

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