otedola dangoteDo you think Otedola, Dangote work very hard? I can tell you that both of them are strategically lazy.  Strategic laziness is one of the greatest strategy for drastically increasing your wealth and confidence as an executive. I discovered this strategy and when I started to implement it, the result was very drastic.

Strategic laziness means that you must deliberately stop doing some of the things that you usually would do or others would expect you to do. You stop doing it because you have seen that it adds little or no value to you but that it consumes so much of your time.

For instance, I used to manually do my children laundry and mop the house when I was staying with just my wife and children. These activities would normally take me about six hours every week end to complete but those six hours if I use it to read would drastically increase my productivity. So, I decided to become strategically lazy. I stopped washing clothes and stopped mopping the house.

I then used the six hours I saved to read or listen to audio trainings. To help with the laundry though, I got a washing machine but for those clothes that had to be washed manually, I never touched again. With this strategy, I was able to increase my productivity.

You must look at the things you do and strategically decide those you would not touch again. There are people who would never wash their cars by themselves because they use that time to develop their brains.

Strategic laziness is vital to your success because when you do not become strategically lazy, you would say yes to a lot of things that take up your time and add little or no value to you. You need to realise that your success does not depend on the quantity of things you do but on the quality of things you do.

It is also critical that you realise that the only very scarce resource that you have is your time. Since it is very scarce, you must make sure that whatever you give your time to deserves to have your time.
For an executive that wants to develop his executive confidence, there are certain tasks that you must reject even if everybody expects you to do them while there are certain task you would jump at even when every other person is running away from.

Classify everything you want to do into two categories either Mundane or important. Give priority to anything you put in your important box but delegate or ignore things you put in the mundane box. Do not allow unimportant things to consume your time no matter the pressure people are putting on you to carry them out. Try to look for alternatives to carrying them out. When I stopped washing, the clothes started to pile up and my wife started to get on my case to wash them. What I did was to get a washing machine.

Strategic laziness is also key to honing your delegation skill. The ability to delegate tasks is critical to the success of any individual but most people rather than delegate will try to do everything by themselves, in the process, miss vital opportunities that would have come their way if they had free time on their hand.

There is one thing that is common among all very successful entrepreneur and that is strategic laziness. They would take a long time off the day to day running of their business and in the process recharge to become more successful. Most of them rather than work all day will take time off to go for evening social events and in the process meet people that will bring wonderful opportunity their way. I know a very busy business woman who would every afternoon leave everything on her desk and go to the gym. Most of her staff think that she

Thus strategic laziness is most for anyone that wants to build his or her confidence.
Personally, I have decided where I want to be in life. I clarified what I wanted to achieve and do with my life. This clarification has helped me in deciding on what to do and what to avoid. Before I undertake an activity, I ask myself if it will take me where I am heading in life. If it will not, I place it in the category of things that I will be strategically lazy about. I try as much as possible to give things in that category as little attention as possible.

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