Here is a list of men who have used Sex drive- Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, Warren Buffet, GoodLuck Jonathan, Cosmas Maduka Of coscharis group, Mike Adenuga, Bill Clinton, Most top CEOs and ME.

Advertisers used to say sex sells but they only tell the very rich the kind of sex that truly sells. It is not the sex of a flismsy dressed or gorgeous dressed salles man or woman. It is the sex drive powered by a substance that has been banned in sports. That substance is called TESTOTERONE.

Have you heard the saying that behind every very successful man, there is a woman? Do you know why some men still are attached to their mother while some are to their wives?

You may be wondering where I am hearding but let me break it down. There is nothing as powerful as the power of the hormone testosterone in achieving any goal in life. It is the power that can push a man to move any mountain once it is activated to flow into the blood stream. It has been the cause of many wars.  It made Ben Johnson run so fast that he broke all records and was banned.

Testosterone can make you sell a used car ford car to the MD of Toyota. It is so powerful that almost all high achievers have high does of it.

This is where women come in. A lot of women hold the key to this hormone in their spouse. A woman who forms the habit of commending her husband every evening he comes home and telling him before he leaves the house that she knows he will make great sales that day becuase she knows his capability, has just dumped a truck load of testosterone into his system. That day, he will come home with a list of his achievement to show his wife.

What the masterful wife does is to commend him greatly with pridein her voice and dump another does the next morning. A lot of corporation have realised the need to stimulate the sex drive in their employees. So they now have programs and events for the spouse of their workers. They know that a staff will stay more loyal if his or her mate is inspiring him to work harder and remain in his organisation.

When my first business crashed, I strongly believe that the reason why I could bounce back was because of what my wife told me almost everyday. She told me she knew I was going to be great, She told me she married me and not the other richer guy because she could sense greatness in me. She told me when food was low in the house not to bother becuase she was sure that becuase of the knid of person I was that very soon, I will be giving away bags of rice.

Boy, you need to see the effect of that supply of testosterone in my system. I would go all out to make things and make extra pay, and boy what a commendation I got when I came home. She would tell me that she knew I will make it.

Even the great Warren Buffet had a his sex drive stimulated by his wife. Even when they separated, he still maintained a strong bond with her. A lot of women fail to realise that they have in their hand a simple tool to guarantee that their husband will become ultra successful. Most women will nag their husband thereby depleting the testosterone in his system

But those women who want their men to be very successful, are always there to keep the supply of testosterone in the man’s system well stocked up.

A lot of men keep dates outside not becuase of the need for sex but becuase they want someone who will stimulate that drive in them. Men marry ugly women because the woamn has discovered how to pump up their sex drive. Phsyical defects is of little significance to a woamn who knows how to tell her man that she believes in him and that she knows he would make great sales that month.  That man will not make greaat salles because of his boss but would do it becuase his wife told him she knew he would do it.

So for all women reading this, Have you dumped testosterone into your man’s system today? The man man be your father, your husband, your boyfriend, your brother or  a male colleague. Do the dumping and over time see the great impact it will have in his life and yours.



  • March 10, 2014 at 9:22 am

    Great article! Very true assertions about the power of women’s compliments driving men to great accomplishments….but please engage a second eye (and if possible a third…) to edit and correct misspelt words.

    • March 10, 2014 at 9:40 am

      thanks, sometimes, I write from my IPad and most times, I miss some spelling. Thanks


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